Affiliate Application
The Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) is pleased to offer the
AMSTI Affiliate Program to providers of teacher professional development for math, science,
and/or technology. AMSTI is the Alabama State Department of Education’s
initiative to improve math, science, and technology teaching/learning. Programs that receive AMSTI
Affiliate status are publicized by AMSTI staff to teachers as opportunities they may wish
to consider when pursuing professional learning. Educators view AMSTI Affiliate status
as the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for math, science, and technology professional
development. The AMSTI Affiliate logo, pictured above, lets educators know that the
program has been reviewed by AMSTI and has met the criteria necessary for recognition
as a quality program worthy of their consideration. It assures teachers that the program
aligns with the state standards and incorporates best practices. Teachers
look for the AMSTI Affiliate logo to know that the professional development they are
considering has met specific measures regarding focus and excellence.

Through the AMSTI Affiliate program, the initiative promotes and fosters partnerships
with other entities which provide professional development that is useful and relevant for
teachers. Such partnerships better align services that help teachers become
knowledgeable of the continual learning available to them.

If your organization is interested in becoming an AMSTI Affiliate, there are certain steps
that must be completed to be recognized as such. To take advantage of this exciting
opportunity, please review the enclosed criteria that will be used in the selection process,
and then complete the accompanying application. After the application has been
evaluated by AMSTI, your organization will be notified and your professional
development offerings publicized by AMSTI staff to teachers and administrators. In
addition, your program will be listed on the AMSTI website and in a brochure that is
available to teachers seeking professional learning opportunities. Should you choose to
do so, you will also be authorized to use the AMSTI Affiliate logo on your publicity and
information forms.

Thank you for your interest in AMSTI and in Alabama’s teachers. We look forward to
hearing from you. If you have questions, please contact Quincy Hamilton by phone at (334)
694-4733 or by email at

Selection Criteria
Organizations must meet all of the criteria listed below in order to become an AMSTI Affiliate and thus be eligible to be offered to Year Three and beyond schools as an AMSTI-approved professional development activity.
Please check each item to indicate compliance with the following criteria *
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