Ramadan in a Box
As-salāmu alaykum (May peace be upon you),

Dear reader,

MSA Nour and Refugee Project Maastricht present to you 'Ramadan in a box'. In this project, four traditional dishes have been prepared by refugees from the AZC of Maastricht. The preparation of this dish will be featured in a video which will be released.

During the whole month of Ramadan, every week, a traditional Ramadanbox can be bought for €6,-. These Ramadanboxes contain the ingredients to the dishes that the refugees have made. So you will also be able to create these amazing dishes yourself with the help of the video in which the refugees are featured! Next to the distribution of these boxes, we also donate a number of boxes to refugees residing at the AZC of Maastricht. Refugees, students and citizens of Maastricht can together enjoy the same meal during these four weeks of Ramadan. Therefore, while we are all still separated because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we still share one meal together.

There is a maximum of 2 foodboxes per week per person which can be ordered, one foodbox is good for two persons. So you can order in total a max. of 2 boxes per week, meaning 8 boxes in total for all four weeks. The deadline for ordering the boxes are:

DEADLINE Ramadanbox 1: Sunday the 11th of April 23:59
DEADLINE Ramadanbox 2: Sunday the 18th of April 23:59
DEADLINE Ramadanbox 3: Sunday the 25th of April 23:59
DEADLINE Ramadanbox 4: Sunday the 2nd of May 23:59

Please note that the Ramadanboxes can only be collected on Thursdays at specific timeslots. The location to pick up the boxes is:

Keizer Karelplein 5
6211 TC Maastricht

The boxes can be picked up at the following days and times:
- Pick-up date and time for box 1: Thursday the 15th of April, between 15h-19h.
- Pick-up date and time for box 2: Thursday the 22h of April, between 15h-19h.
- Pick-up date and time for box 3: Thursday the 29th of April, between 15h-19h.
- Pick-up date and time for box 4: Thursday the 6th of May, between 15h-19h.

At the end of the four weeks, an online event will be organised where all participants can get a chance to meet the cooks and share their experience. More information regarding this event will follow soon.

IMPORTANT: After signing up for a box, you will receive a confirmation email and a specific timeslot. This email will contain a specific code with which you will need to pick up your box. Furthermore, when picking up your box, COVID-19 measures will apply.
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