Legume Federation Workshop at NCGR in Santa Fe in March, 2018
Please give us your input on our plans to hold a Spring 2018 Legume Federation Workshop at NCGR in Santa Fe!

The Legume Federation (https://legumefederation.org/) is a consortium of legume research groups with the goal of improving the value of our informatics resources by federating them in a "one-stop-shop" to enable comparative genomics, trait research, diversity and related research endeavors. It currently includes the Legume Information System (Iowa State, NCGR), PeanutBase (Iowa State), SoyBase (Iowa State), Medicago truncatula Genome Database (JCVI), and CyVerse, with contributions from UC-Riverside, The Noble Foundation and the University of Minnesota, among others.

We have integrated many web-based tools to aid you in your genetic and genomic research, most of which are fairly new and probably unknown to you. We propose to conduct a three-day workshop this coming spring, probably in March, in which we will demonstrate and train you on our tools, and hopefully encourage you to use LegFed resources, as well as solicit your feedback to make our efforts more useful to the communities you represent. We will also discuss how to get YOUR data into or accessible by the systems.

Funding will be available to support participation by US-based researchers.

Please complete this survey by the end of October so that we can estimate the number of attendees, best dates and appropriate points of focus for our agenda. If you have an interest that is similar, but not exactly the same, as a given question, please enter it in the "Other" field.

Thank you, and we hope you or a representative from your group will be able to attend!

What is your research position? *
Could you attend a Legume Federation workshop any time in March 2018? *
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How many people from your group might be interested in attending?
The remaining portion of the questions are in regards the type of research you are conducting now or plan on conducting soon. The answers to these questions will help us create a workshop that will meet your research needs.
Which legume species are most relevant to your current research interests?
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Which of the following data types are relevant to your current research interests? Choose as many as appropriate or add other suggestions.
Are you interested in learning how to find genes in another species that are related to traits of interest in your legume?
Are you interested in placing genes in gene families, and exploring how their inferred evolutionary relationships to other genes may help inform an understanding of their function?
Are you interested in comparing your sequences with those of other organisms via synteny?
Are you interested in exploring gene or structural differences among multiple genomes within legumes (pangenomics)?
Would you like to compare gene expression from your legume to expression from other legumes? (Typically this would be across similar tissues.)
Would you like to be able to study gene GO enrichment amongst a set of your legume genes as well as similar sets from other organisms?
Would you like to use a motif search tool to find genes with common upstream gene flanking regions? (This is typically used to identify transcription factor binding sites.)
Would you like to know how gene families are constructed?
Would you like to know how synteny between two genomes is analyzed?
Do you generate RNA-seq data?
If so, how do you analyze your RNA-seq data?
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What else would you like to know?
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