The form for academic services provided by the Tarek Floyd Association/ Please read the form carefully
Tarek Floyd is an association that started its activity in a fully voluntary and non-profit manner and was established in November 2019
The Tarek Floyd Association believes that free education is a right for everyone, and therefore it seeks to work on research, publishing and advertising through its official channels and through its ambassadors and representatives around the world for everything related to free or almost free educational and academic scholarships to deliver them to the largest number of students who are looking for an opportunity to raise their educational competence and service and contribute to their community in the best possible way.

The Tarek Floyd Association is based on the belief in the importance of individuals in developing societies through education, training, awareness and integration. Therefore, in cooperation with many educational centers, it announces various grants and funding to provide free or almost free training and education opportunities for students around the world.

Professional and academic services such as motivation letter and research plan take time and effort to avoid repetition, plagiarism and to suit the student.
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Important information and conditions that each student must know before submitting the form
1- The terms and Benefits of each scholarship are fully explained through our videos on Youtube or our official website.
2- If a copy of the passport is required to apply for the grant, you can only use the ID card if one of them is accepted.
3- Postgraduate students must possess a CV and a research plan, which are essential academic elements to complete the application. If you do not have a research plan, you must also choose it from among the services provided by us. Your research plan, CV, and motivation letter are your own and original work, with no plagiarism  and not shared with any other student. Tarek Floyd's team is made up of academics specialized in many medical, scientific, engineering and educational fields, and this will ensure that you get the greatest academic support.
4- If you do not mention the name of the scholarship or choose a scholarship that is not for your academic level, the application will be ignored.
5- Siblings or groups get an automatic 15% discount on all services.
The services currently available from the Tariq Floyd team are: (We provide academic consultancy and prepare the documents after personal communication with the student to understand the circumstances and motives and provide the necessary advice, the student’s interest is the first and supreme goal). *
This form is for paid academic and professional services only.  please do not use it for inquiries and make sure to answer all questions correctly, incomplete applications will be ignored.
Name and Surname *
Nationality and country of residency *
Age *
Last Academic degree *
Current or last GPA
Services required *
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Mobile number with country international code (we use WhatsApp services) *
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free space to explain the academic and professional status and services required. You can explain anything you could not choose or mention in the above boxes to help us understand you more and communicate with you *
Payment method *
Learn more about the Tarek Floyd project (introductory video on the occasion of the first anniversary of the founding of the project 11/15/2019
Terms and Conditions
We do not direct students to apply and immigrate to any particular country and it is the responsibility of the student to choose the appropriate scholarship and destination, but we provide academic advice and support.
Applying through Tarek Floyd does not guarantee admission to universities and scholarships at all, but rather it increases the chances of students being accepted because of our academic experience that exceeds ten years in the field of education and student services.
In the event of a lack of information in the application, it will be completely ignored.
 This form is for the paid service and not for general inquiries that can be written on Tarek Floyd's accounts on social media.
In case of refund or cancellation an amount of 30% will be deducted.
We will contact you within 24 hours
* The task of the Tarek Floyd team ends as soon as the services are completed and delivered.
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