The MRF Winter Challenge
Use this form to tell us where you are donating and/or becoming a monthly sustainer with our frontline grassroots partners across Massachusetts!  #MRFWinterChallenge #MassRedistribution
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Thank you for joining the movement to meet urgent community needs and organize for long-term transformation that will prevent crises in the future!  
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Which MRF Grassroots Partners  are you pledging to donate to?  Please check all that apply.  You can learn more about our Grassroots Partners here: *
Are you pledging to make a one time donation, to become a monthly sustainer, or a mix of both? We encourage pledgers to strongly consider becoming a sustainer!  Long-term financial support allows organizers to plan ahead and to focus on what they are best at: organizing! *
Please share the name you would like shared on our webpage and your address so we can mail you your "prize" if you sign up to be a sustainer or champion.
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