Quest for Arete Feedback Form
Thank you for playing our game! We hope you had as much fun playing The Quest for Arete as we did developing it.

We want to hear your extremely valuable feedback so we can keep improving our game for submission to future competitions. Please fill out this quick 10-question survey, and let us know your thoughts. (Your answers will be anonymous, we promise!)
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1. How satisfied were you with your experience? *
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2. Did you complete the full game and achieve Arete? *
3. What was your favorite room(s)? *
4. From the list above, which room was the most memorable for you? Why did you like this one the most? *
5. What was your least favorite room(s)? *
6. From the list above, which room was the hardest for you to solve? What made this room difficult? *
7. Did you get stuck in a room? Please explain. *
8. Did you find any bugs, typos, or other mistakes? *
9. What would you add, suggest, or change about the game? Did anything surprise you? *
10. Is there anything else you want the developers to know? *
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