KZV Application for Extended Care Program (2020-2021)
Please complete this form by May 29.

The Extended Care fee for K-8th grades is $16.00 per child per hour (prorated every 15 minutes).
The Extended Care fee for Pre-K is $18.00 per child per hour (prorated every 15 minutes).

Please take note of the following points about the Extended Care Program:

• The program will run Monday through Friday, in the morning from 7:00 - 8:00am and in the afternoon from 3:45 - 6:00 pm, of each school week.
• The KZV Extended Care Program begins the first day of school, at 3:45 pm. No after-school program is available on minimum school days.
• All KZV Students are eligible to register. Preschool will have its own separate program.
• Morning Extended Care for K-8th grades will take place in the Pre-K Yellow group classroom, and afternoon Extended Care will take place in the 2nd grade room.
• In the morning, parents must check-in their child/ren.
• No drop-off on campus is allowed before 7:00 am.
• Students should bring their own snacks for the Extended Care Program.
• Extended Care invoices will be generated on a monthly basis and will be billed through Smart Tuition.

Since there are no expenditure provisions within the KZV budget for an after-school program, your payments are the sole source of income for the Extended Care Program to pay providers.
Questions or to report issues about this form
If you have any questions or issues about the forms, please contact KZV Board Member Deneb Karentz <>.

You do not have to complete this form at once, you can return and complete answers later. You can also return and revise answers any time before May 29. To do so you must copy and save the web address of the confirmation page that will appear after you submit. You will be reminded to copy the link on the confirmation page.
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