New Creation Preschool Waiting List Application

Thank you for considering our program for your preschooler!  

Our preschool began on-line programming in March of 2020 and is offering both online and in-person preschool for the 2021-2022 school year. We aren't sure what online options will remain in place for the 2022-2023 school year, but there is still a place for you to indicate interest in online learning if that is what you are looking for.

Before you add your name to the Waiting List for in-person programming, we want to inform you of our Covid-19 mask policy and ask you to assess your level of comfort on mask wearing:

Falling directly in line with our commitment to Community Health and Loving the Neighbor, it is safe to assume that masks will be required for all children, parents/caregivers and teachers  (and may be required longer than other institutions) for the foreseeable future. Teachers are comfortable navigating potential mask issues with preschoolers, but need the support of the caregivers. Quite frankly, our energy must be reserved for caring for children rather than reminding adults of our policies.  We have had 100% compliance with our 2021-2022 families for which I am so appreciative of. We don't experience difficulty with preschoolers and mask wearing in the classroom.  Also, thanks to the diligence of our families, we have not had a single Covid exposure in the classroom! So, we have confidence in moving forward.

- - - -
How old does my preschooler need to be?

    ON-LINE: No age restrictions
    IN PERSON: According to our KDHE issued license, all children must be 3 years of age on or before your child's first day.

- - - -
Does my child need to be "potty trained" to attend in-person?

   No. We welcome children at whatever stage of their toilet learning journey they are on. We are equipped and ready to care for them and their bathroom needs.

- - - -
What is the cost*?


    1 session/week = $56/month
    2 sessions/week = $112/month
    3 sessions/week = $168/month

    * Listed above are the standard tuition levels. Through grants and donations, we are able to offer financial assistance in the form of reduced tuition levels based on need.  Families can indicate interest in receiving financial assistance on the enrollment application.

- - - -
Who will the teachers be?

    Kristin Neufeld Epp, “Ms. Kristin,” will continue as director and lead teacher for all classes, Brenda Mays, "Ms Brenda," will continue as assistant teacher for all classes.  We have  grandparent volunteers from New Creation Fellowship Church, volunteers from Bethel College and Newton High School. All adults in the classroom have been fully vaccinated for Covid-19 and receive training/background checks according to Kansas regulations.

- - - -

Waiting List applications will be processed as they are received.

For on-line preschool, you will be contacted once there is space available.

For in-person preschool, once your child is age eligible, you will be contacted with any opening that comes available.  If it is a class that works for you, it's your's!  If not, you stay at the top of the list and wait for another opening.

- - - -
Please see me with any questions . Many questions can be answered with information provided on our website:  You can keep up on our classroom happenings on our Facebook page:

- - - -

Thank you again for your interest in our program,

Kristin Neufeld Epp, Director/Teacher

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