A Response to GC 2019 from North Georgia Annual Conference Laity
Many North Georgia Clergy bravely signed their names to a paid advertisement placed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution immediately after GC 2019. As laity, we seek to support those clergy with our own statement, and to give courage to those who find themselves in communities of faith where their understanding of God's universal inclusion is a minority position. We have adapted the excellent statement from the Clergy and Laity of the Virginia Annual Conference (https://anewthingva.com) to be specific to our context as laity in the North Georgia Annual Conference. We will release this letter on the last day of Annual Conference.


In honor of the ministry we share in and lament over the continued discrimination and exclusion of LGBTQIA+ people from the full life of our church, we, the undersigned laity of the North Georgia Annual Conference, commit ourselves to working for a changed church that fully reflects God’s love and longing for all people.

Recognizing we have broken Wesley’s first General Rule to “do no harm” and also that God’s extravagant grace enables us to repent and to reconcile broken relationships, as God is reconciling all of creation to God’s self (2 Corinthians 5: 18-19), we are called to proclaim our dissent and our belief.

We refuse to uphold any exclusionary provisions against LGBTQIA+ Christians. We reject the notion that the lives of LGBTQIA+ people are “incompatible” with Christian discipleship. The God we know in Christ Jesus astounded and challenged people by eating with those deemed sinners in his day (Luke 19:1-10), by offering God’s grace and healing at times considered inopportune (Mark 3:1-6), and by accepting comfort and love even when it interrupted the proceedings or offended the faithful (Luke 7:36-50). As faithful followers of Christ our Lord, we strive to be as connected to and invested in our communities as Jesus was in his.

Our love and understanding of scripture, our reliance on the breadth and depth of Christian tradition, our prayerful reflection on our lived experience, and our God-given reason, all conspire with the Holy Spirit to breathe new life and understanding into old debates. We affirm the diversity of sexual orientations and gender expressions that God has created and called good (Genesis 1:26-31) and we commit ourselves to live faithfully out of this understanding, especially in this uncertain time.

Call to Ministry

Because we are living into obedience to our baptismal vows to “accept the freedom and power God gives us to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves,”

Because everyone is baptized without regard to their sexual orientation or gender/gender identity/gender expression, and

Because the call to licensed, commissioned, or ordained ministry flows from the waters of baptism,

We therefore recognize, nurture, welcome, mentor, and celebrate everyone called by God into the fullness of licensed, commissioned, or ordained ministry.

We urge our Board of Ordained Ministry, District Committees on Ministry, and local congregations to recommend qualified candidates for ministry, without respect to their gender/gender identity/gender expression or sexual orientation, and to refrain from using criteria that exclude persons solely on this basis. When called to serve on these committees ourselves, we will support candidates and make our recommendations in this manner.


Because scripture teaches us that we are all created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-28a), bestowed with the good and holy gift of sexuality (Song of Songs 4), and created to live in covenantal relationship with God and one another (John 13:34-35), and

Because, as with the call to ministry, marriage vows flow from the waters of baptism and because marriage is a means of grace,

We are also called to recognize, affirm, and celebrate the covenant of marriage between any two persons who meet the commitments and standards for marriage, regardless of their gender/gender identity/gender expression or sexual orientation. The church cannot deny the covenant of marriage to committed, same-sex couples.

Our Relationship to Clergy Ethics

Because we expect clergy to dedicate themselves to “the highest ideals of Christian life” (Discipline, par. 304), it is not acceptable to insist on mandatory sentences with respect to a narrow range of sexual conduct, while affording our bishop discretion with respect to most aspects of clergy ethics and clergy sexual conduct, and

Because to do so strips the bishop of authority and discernment and limits outcome possibilities which, in turn, precludes a just resolution,

We refuse to bring any charges against the clergy in our Conference for extending the grace of marriage to committed couples or for any charges related to LGBTQIA+ inclusion.

Our Roles as Laity

We will work with our churches toward full inclusion in all facets of our life together.

We will support clergy in this commitment and partner with them to extend the grace of marriage to all people.

We will support all qualified persons who express a call to ministry and welcome LGBTQIA+ ministers who are appointed to our faith communities.

Faithfully Forward

We hear God calling all disciples to greater faithfulness in the midst of this time of pain and lament. At Christ’s invitation, we continue gathering around the wide-open Communion table as one family, seeking to grow closer and more faithful to Christ our Lord and to live in love and peace with all of our neighbors (Matthew 22:34-30; Luke 10:25-37). So fed, we commit ourselves here to the next steps in our journey.

Chris Rapko
Elizabeth W. Corrie
Katie Farmer
Abby Rindt
Abigail Wheelis
Adair Woodward
Adrian Waller
Alan Crisman
Alan Tingle
Alden Powell
Alexander Lepik
Alfred Quillian Jr
Alice Martin
Alice Pugh
Alina Crews
Alison Mallard
Allen Barbee
Allison Ellis
Allison Floyd
Allison Rollins
Allison Setterlind
Allyson Yeomans
Alycia Velez-Miranda
Amanda Blackmon
Amanda Howard
Amanda James
Amanda Skinner
Amber Stewart
Amber Wallace
Amy Ard
Amy Burke
Amy Cromwell
Amy DiCristina
Amy Lovell
Amy Nierodzik
Amy Quick
Amy Whittall
Andie Tucker
Andrea Youngstrom
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Yates
Andy Sumlin
Anessia Foley
Angel Clark
Angela Barber
Angela Gentry
Angela Odegard
Angela Russell
Anita Brown
Anita Sweet
Anja Williams
Ann Baker
Ann Fleming
Ann Strader
Anna Gines
Anna Heppner
Anna Whitmire
Annabel Ballew
Annalisa Crow
Anne Fesrs
Anne W. Dunn
Annette Franklin Jackson
Arthur Davis
Ashlee Sklute
Ashley Kern
Ashley Lowery
Ashley Walker Morey
Ashlie Hogan
Atticus Hicks
Audrey Gargiullo
Ava Voss
Avery Tucker Fontaine
Aysha Khoury
Barbara Cooper
Barbara McClure
Barbara Mitchell
Barbara Smith
Barbara Wiley Deskey
Bebe Joyner
Becky Veal
Becky W Rodzik
Becky Wellman
Belinda Crisman
Belva White
Ben Fletcher
Beth Bond
Beth Dixon
Beth Garrett
Beth Garvin
Beth Gavrilles
Beth Jones
Beth O’Neal
Beth Spencer
Bethany Wheeler
Betsy Crawford
Betty Livingston
Betty Martin
Beverly Pool
Bill Duncan
Bill Forrest
Billie Thompson
Bob Hubbard
Bob Wright
Bonnie Minton
Boone Alexander
Brad Schweers
Brandon Wason
Brenda Dixon
Brendan Hollis
Brent Jones
Brian Jones
Brian Keida
Brooke Freeman
Bruce Brownlow
Bruce Knotts-Simmons
Bruce Street
Bryan Beard
Bryan Garrett
Bryan Jordin
Caitlin Tripp
Cal Logue
Cale Robert Hall
Caleb Garrett
Camille Vaughan
Candace McCollough
Carla Dennis
Carol Jones
Carol Allums
Carol Capers
Carol G Bates
Carol McGriff
Carol Pepper
Carole Lessley
Caroline Bruner
Caroline Crawford
Caroline Smith
Carolyn Knight
Carolyn Miller
Carter E Vest
Catherine M. Bennett
Catherine McClellan
Cathy Aiken-Freeman
Cathy Hester Huffines
Cathy Lepik
Celene Joiner
Celeste McCollough
Chad Hales
Chad Webb
Chandler Stuart
Charles Huddleston
Charles Garrett
Charles Kennedy
Chelsea Scritchfield
Cheryl Atkins
Cheryl Dunbar
Cheryl Griffin
Cheryl Larkins
Cheryl Mitchell
Cheryl Thompson
Chet Hollomon
Chloe Cook
Chris Hester
Chris Opstad
Chris Sikes
Chris Wilson
Christi Elliott-Earby
Christian Goerner
Christian Norman
christina Prickett
Christine Carter
Christine Peters
Christy MacPhee
Cindy Curtin
Cindy Forbes Lagunas
Cindy Hall
Cindy Kuhlman
Cindy Smallwood
Clair Wallace
Claire Asbury Lennox
Claire Collins
Clint Paden
Colt Whittall
Connie Cheek
Corey A. Curtis
Corinne Adams
Cornelia Thomson
Crystal Parten
Cynthia Campbell
Cynthia Runyon
Cynthia Shepherd
Dale Merkle
Dan Beale
dan macfarlane
Dana Buckelew
Daniel Fullerton
Daniel Wagle
Danny Askew
Danny Yates
Dave Brewer
David Bennett
David Daniel
David Gines
David Hobson
David Hoyt
David Logeman
David Matheny
David Mercer
David Moore
David Ratliff
David Scruggs
David Sweet
Dawn Francis-Chewning
Dawn Rollin
Deanna Dennis
Deb Carlsen-Sumpter
Deb Cole
Debbie Fambro
Debbie Wells
Debby Eidson
Deborah Koontz
Deborah Marlowe
Debra McKeever
Debye Alderman
Deidra Harrell
Deirdre Russell
Delia Halverson
Denise D. VanLanduyt
Deontez Wimbley
Derrick Hogan
Diana Mitchen
Diane Calhoun
DiAnne Johnson
Dixon Freeman
Donald Lee Hockman, Jr
Donald R Cooper
Donalyn Vaughn
Donna Blanton
Donna Fisher
Donna Mayer Todd
Donna Weaver
Doris and Gerald Firth
Doug Carter
Doug Joyner
Douglas Joyner
Dynelle Martin
Ed Hamlin
Eddie Duke
Edith Tomasetti
Edith Twomey
Edward McGrory
Elaine Binkley
elaine hudson
Elaine Little
Elaine Turner
Elijah Shoaf
Elise Thomason
Elissa Marks
Elizabeth Atkinson
Elizabeth Franco
Elizabeth Hartman
Elizabeth Haskell
Elizabeth Holcombe
Elizabeth Kennedy {Betty L.}
Elizabeth Layne
Ella Strickland
Ellen Castleberry Ewing
Ellen Comeaux
Ellen Free
Ellen McFee
Ellouise Daniel
Emilie Green
Emily Arthur
Emily Knodel
Emily Walker
Emily Washburn
Emmaleigh Strickland
Enrique Lecuna
Erin Steele
Evie Langston
F Joel Chasteen
Felicia jones
felicity carroll
Frankey Jones
Fred slieper
Gail Schneider
Garry Cupp
Gary Bozeman
Gary Fincher
Gary L Arnold
Gary Schneeberg
Gatra Reid Mallard
Gavin Claugus
George Jones
George Kuhlman
George Miller
George Shepherd
Ginger Hicks Smith
Greg Kirby
Greg Wood
Gwen W Carroll
Hanna Cain
Hannah Parks
Heather Barrera
Heather Breeden
Heather Schroeder
Helen Cunningham
Helen Tate-Kemp
Hillary Steiner
Holly Hanchey
Hope Young
Hugh Starling
Ian Curran
Ida Patterson Dorvee
Irene Shovelski Huston
J. C. Highsmith
Jackie Harrison
Jackie Watson
James E. Kingman II
James Hervey
James M Ewing
James Mullen
James Southerland
James V. Kavanagh
James Wells
Jami Wells
Jamie Harrell
Jamie Schuette
Jamie Weaver
Jana Ladner
Jane Baldridgr
Jane Burns
Jane Manud
Jane Nichols
Jane West Sinner
Janet Chalmers
Janet Frick
Janice M. Stang
Janice Slieper
Janice Watts Yates
Janie J. Kaney
Janni Martin
Jason Clay
Jason Forster
Jason Henderson
Jay Horton
Jay Huffines
Jay Jenkins
Jayne Cavagnaro
Jean Lennie
Jean Prezel
Jean Welsh
Jeanie Enyart
Jeanna Brannon
Jeanne Lee
Jeff Dimond
Jeff hamil
Jeff Hancock
Jeff Smith
Jeffery Pullium
Jenn Byrd
Jenni Bolton
Jennifer Broman-Fulks
Jennifer Buxton
Jennifer Carter Shaughnessy
Jennifer Coffey
Jennifer Hasler
Jennifer Magis-Graves
Jennifer Maley
Jennifer Morganthall
Jennifer Pinson-Harvey
Jennifer Roberts
Jennifer Teahan
Jennifer Terry
Jenny Rindt
Jeremy Varner
Jessica Barber
Jessica Beverstein
Jessica Haled
Jill Harlamert
Jill Hauserman
Jill Weaver
Jim Atkins
Jim Garver
Jim Prezel
Jim Roberts
Jo Hensley
Joan Aycock
Joann W. Watts
Joanna Shurtz
JoBeth Allen
Jodi Jernigan
Jodie Lyon
Joe Sturniolo
Joel Black
Joel Siebentritt
John Adcox
John Cowden
John Harr
John Hepler
John Jessup Peterson
John Kleinhans
John Paul Sewell
John T Brown
John Truttier
John Vazquez
John W Darden
John Wiley
Jonathan Holmes
Joshua Brownlee
Joshua Hartgrove
Judith Goodwin
Judith Green
Judy Campbell
Julia Allen
Julia Forbes
Julia Wooley
Julie A. Arms Meeks
Julie Anderson
Julie Childs
Julie Duke
Julie Funk
Julie Martin
Julie Tepp
Julie Watson
Julie Wilson
Kadie Gilley
Kai McKeever
Karen Forgey
Karen Fullerton
Karen Smith
Kari White
Karmon Clay
Katen Podett
Katharine Coleman
Kathleen Kennedy
Kathryn Banks
Kathryn Garvin
Kathryn Schroeder
Kathryn Spencer
Kathy Brannon
Kathy Jacobson
Katie Bruner
Katie Fullerton
Katie Paden
Katie Ray
Katie Varner
Kay Gilreath
Kellie Hebblethwaite
Kelly Conley
Kelly Doane
kelly mathison
Kelly Ryan
Kelsey Gay
Ken McDaniel
Kenneth Weber
Kerry Worley
Kim Daugherty
Kim Jones
Kim Nelson
Kim Powell
Kimberly Deuster
Kimberly Hepler
Kirsten Browning
Kirsten Magee
Kit Kern
Kris Holbrook
Kristal Kaiser
Kristen Davis
Kristen Etheredge Armstrong
Kristen Green
Kristen Vincent
Kristen Watts
Kristin Eaton
Kristin Unzicker
Kristy Bowling
Kyle Olson
L. Susan Stroup
Lance Waller
Lane Holman
Lara Martin
Larry Darnell
Larry Ray Jr.
Latricia Golden
Laura Baker
Laura Briscoe
Laura Goldstein
Laura Head
Laura Jacobson
Laura Patterson
Laura Rauch Sumner
Laura Reece
Laura Taylor
Laura Thomson Mccarty
Laura Wells
Laura Wheeler
Laura Williams
Lauren Gay
Lauren Lynch
Laurie Easterlin
Laurie Norris
Layla Forgey
Lee Berry
Lee Busey
Lee Glenn
Lee Herndon
Lee Highsmith
Lee Woodall
Leigh Andersen
Leigh Ann Powell
Leigh Dillard
Les Hough
Leslie Ballew
Leslie Bowers
Leslie Elliott-Earby
Leslie Frierson
Leslie P Truman
LeTrell Simpson
Lewis Allen
Lila Bradley
Lily del C Berrios
Linda Farley
Linda Fowler
Lisa Beale
Lisa Bisson
Lisa Farnsworth
Lisa WIley
Lisa Williams
Lisa Yates
Lloyd 'Pete' Fleming
Lloyd C Whittall Jr
Loren Miller
Lori Cora
LuAlice Waite
Lucia Fletcher
Lucy Fowler
Lyle Davis
Lynda Askew
Lynn O’Neill
Lynn Peek
Lynne Yarbrough
M. Emily Grossman
Mackay Asbury
Madeleine Patrick
Madison Morganthall
Malcolm McArthur
Marcia Mayo
Marcy Smith
Margaret Brubaker
Margaret Bussert
Margaret Sanchez
Marianne Gopel
Marilyn Davis
Marilyn Kleinhans
Marilyn Mann
Marilynn Cary
Mark Doyle
Mark Huffman
Mark Rainey
Mark Taillard
Marlene Gray
Martha Lewis
Marty Aron
Mary Abbott Waite
Mary Ann Scraper
Mary Bryan
Mary Ellen Huckabee
Mary Helen Denham
Mary Helen McGruder
Mary Lindsey Lewis
Mary Lou Boice
Mary Maynard
Mary Pearman
Mary Spackman
Mary Sue Howard
Matt Farmer
Matt Tyler
Matt Westmoreland
Matt Wheelis
Matthew Everhart
Matthew Lawing
Matthew Welden
Maxine Easom
Megan DeLockery
Melinda Garver
Melinda James Mobley
Melissa Ledbetter
Melissa Miller
Melissa Rainey
Meredith Pierce
Michael Chalmers
Michael Dauterman
Michael Harbin
Michael Jordan
Michael Vaughan
Michelle Alexander
Michelle Blake
Michelle Levan
Mickey Kulp
Millie Hudson
Mimi Harmon Brunson
Mindy McGarrah Sharp
Miranda Bisson
Missy Hamlin
Mitch Foster II
MJ Faulkner
Molly Engle
Monica Garrett
Morgan Lee
Morgan Lyons
Mr. Whitney L Johnson
Nancy Clements
Nancy Fleming
Nancy McGarrah
Nancy Moore
Nancy Ricciardi
Natalie Smith
Nathan Baughman
Nathaniel Abrams, III
NeeCee Delk
Nichole Hollis
Nicole Kidwell
Nicole Lewis
Nicole Marane
Ouida Stough
Paige Mack
Pam Buzbee
Pamela Duncan
Pamela Light
Pamela Popham
Pat Baudin
Pat Rauch
Patricia Moncure
Patricia Whittall
Patrick Lynn
Patrick Taylor
Patsy Mercer
Patsy Styles
Patti Pitts
Patti Register
Paul Bolster
Paul Bowman
Paul Spencer
Paul Yarbrough
Paula Bechtler
Paula Daniel
Paula Mason
Peggy Roberts
Perry Rountree
Pete Patrick
Phil Hulst
Phil Ihrig
Phil Young
Philip Rudisill
Phillip Crumbly
Phillip Myers
Phyllis Williamson
Quinn Hudson
Quinn McKeever
Rachael Young
Rachel Fullerton
Rachel Thomas
Raleigh Hussmann
Ray Manus
Ray Maynard
Rayford Taylor
Raymond Rowe
Rebecca C Clifford
Rebecca Crowe
Rebecca Davis
Rebecca Falco
Rebecca McConnell
Rebecca Sanders
Rebecca Wells
Regina Southerland
Rex Burruss
Rex Howard
Rex Matthews
Rex Smith
Rhoda Joyner
Richard Cary
Rick Yates
Ricky Schneider
Rob Yongue
Robert Ambrose
Robert Brown
Robert Bruner
Robert daugherty
Robert Fortenbery
Robert Hulse
Robert Kiegler
Robert Moore
Robert Nuttall
Robert Windom
Robin F Clark
Robin Fowler
Robin Olson
Robin South
Roger Brown
Roger Forgey
Roger Lee
Ron Boyter
Ron Rezendes
Ronald middleton
Ronald Vaughn
Russ Lenox
Russell Gray
Ruth Bruner
Ruth Knox
Ruth Primm
Sallie Harris Chasteen
Sally B Darden
Sally LeSage
Sally Westmoreland
Sally Winter
Sam Garrett
Sam Rauch
Samantha Shah
Sandi Keel
Sandra Darnell
Sandra Lambert
Sandy Carter
Sara Lynn LeSage
Sara McKlin
Sarah Adair
Sarah Combs
Sarah Howell
Sarah Lawing
Sarah Leonard
Sarah Lyons
Sarah Porterfield Tippens
Sarah Sumners
Sarah Thomas
Sawyer Branham
Scott A. Cook
Scott Harlan
Scott Smith
Sean Coleman
Serena Moore
Shannon Sullivan
Sharen McArthur
Sharon Brewer
Sharon Hulette
Sharon Pendley
Sheila McHugh
Sheila wilder
Shelby Roberts
Sherry Bruce
Shona Witschy
Stacey Millarker
Stan Wooley
Stanton Stebbins
Stefanie Lopez-Howard
Stephanie Frame
Stephanie Newton
Stephanie Quattlebaum
Stephanie Suggs
Stephanie Taylor Warner
Stephanie Wilson
Stephen Mitchell
Stephen Thompson
Steve Burns
Steve J Spetseris
Steve Lewis
Steve Williams
Sudan Shirley Willingham
Susan Albee
Susan Brown
Susan Daniell
Susan Edwards
Susan Hawkins
Susan Keenan
Susan Marshall
Susan Oliver
Susan Scott
Susan Wright
Susan-Anne MacKenna
Susanna Baxter
Susanna MacKenna
Susie Hubbard
Suzanne L Dunn
Suzette LaRoche
Suzie Lusk
Sydney Floyd
Sylvia hutchinson
Sylvia Smith
Taylor Kaiser
Teresa Bodine
Teresa Cook
Teresa Futral
Terri Fullerton
Terri Tingle Heppner
Thea Quillian
Thom Daniel
Thomas Ballew
Thomas Hodges
Tim Cook
Tim Elertson
Tim Newton
Timothy Jenkins
Timothy Patton
Tina Moore
Tina Wilkinson
Todd Fuller
Tom Cooper
Tommy McGarrah Sharp
Tony Foley
Tonya Farnham
Tonya Ledbetter
Tracy Frost
Tracy McArthur
Tracy Wheelis
Trey Jenkins
Tricia Kolsby
Trisha Jo Cousino
Valerie Blankenship
Van Biesel
Virginia B. Willis
Virginia Clark
Virginia Sowell
Vivian Hubby
W. Reid Mallard
Walter Keel
Weldon Durham
Wendy Wason
Wes Head
Whit Whittall
Will Anderson
Will Rhinehart
William Duncan
William Fleming
William Hauserman
William Hicks
William T Langston
William Top
Wilma Hutcheson-Williams
Woody Driskill
Zach Plants

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