2018 Priorities Survey
As your local Chamber of Commerce, our goal is to determine the ways in which we can best serve you, our members. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. Please complete by Monday, January 8.
1. Rate the level of economic activity in Kensington and Area during the past 12 months. *
2. Rate the level of anticipated economic activity in Kensington and Area in the next 12 months. *
3. Please indicate where you feel the number of employees within your business/organization will trend over the next 12 months *
4. What are your anticipated business/organization performance levels in 2018, compared to 2017? *
5. Check the TOP THREE factors to potentially affect your business/organization negatively in 2018. *
6. Check the TOP THREE issues the Chamber should focus on in 2018 *
7. Are there other business issues/concerns that you want to raise?
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8. Select a category that best describes your business/organization *
9. What position do you hold in the business? *
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10. How many full-time equivalent employees are in your business? *
11. Which of the following best describes why your business is a member of the Chamber? *
12. The Kensington and Area Chamber of Commerce offers services and programs to our membership. Please rate the following, based on their value to you and your business/organization. *
1 - Unaware of this Program
2 - Aware and Don't Use
3 - Value but Seldom Use
4 - Value and Use Often
Annual Events
Business Mixers
Comunity Forums
Lunch and Learn Sessions
Chamber Website
Chamber E-News Shout Out
Chamber Social Media Networks
Advertising Opportunities
Sponsorship Opportunities
Free Promotional Opportunities
Online Membership Directory
First Data Merchant Services
Chambers Group Insurance Program
13. Do you have suggestions for other services or programs that would be beneficial to the Chamber membership?
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14. Overall, what level of value do you believe your Chamber memberships provides to your business/organization? *
Please explain the above answer. *
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15. Please provide additional comments or suggestions for improvements at the Chamber. *
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