Earth Savers Club Grant Application
Need funds for your project? Submit a grant application to Greening Forward. Responses are given within a month of submission.
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Name of the adult sponsor of your group*. If your group is not youth-led, please add the name of your organization leader.
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A short description of what your project is.
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How many people are in your group/club and will be involved in your project?
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What is the vision of your project/organization? *
(Your long-term goal, ie. Decrease my school’s energy use) Tell us how you plan to achieve your vision, by providing us with detailed goals for your project/organization. Please make them as specific as possible. (Change all light bulbs in the school to CFL lights, Reduce the time lights are left on by 2 hours a day, etc.)
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What's your plan of action? *
Describe the steps you have and/or you will take to achieve your goals. Please detail your and other young people's role in the project/organization.
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How would winning an Earth Savers Club grant help you achieve your goals? *
And how will you measure the success of your project?
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Up to $500
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What to expect after submission of application and budget
A Greening Forward staff member will contact the applicant via email. Applications will either be turned down, accepted, or will be followed up with a request for more information about the proposal. Requests for more information do not mean an application has been accepted. Responses are usually given within a month after submission. For any other questions, please email
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