Volunteers #EYC2018
Please answer the following questions to apply as a volunteer for the European Youth Table Tennis Championships, which will take place in Cluj-Napoca, 15-24 of July 2018.

It should take you about 15 minutes to fill in the form.

All the information that you provide here is confidential and will be used for the sole purpose of the volunteer program for the 2018 European Youth Table Tennis Championships.

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Do you need accommodation in Cluj-Napoca?
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We hope it won't be necessary, but in case anything happens to you, we will inform the person you mention about your situation. So let us know the full name and the phone number of you emergency contact.
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Are there any specific requirements you need that we should know about in order to provide proper work conditions?
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Knowledge, skills and experience
We all have different skills and experiences, each of which is valuable. Please use this part of the application form to tell us about yours. The information you provide will assist us in allocating roles.
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Please tell us if about your previous volunteering experience. What were your roles and responsibilities?
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Disponibility and department
We will take into consideration your preferences when allocating you a role.
What is your availability for the Championships? *
The entire event (including prior and post activities) will take place between 10th and 26th of July.
Which department would you like to be part of? *
You can find more information about them on gascaluicoubertin.ro
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We want to have by our side passionate and engaged volunteers, so we would like to know about what drives you to become a volunteer.
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