North Jersey Region I Elementary Band Festival - STUDENT NOMINATIONS

Before proceeding, please make sure you have filled out the Director Information Form.

Please keep in mind that not all students nominated may be accepted.

Students in Grades 6 are eligible.

All nominations must be submitted by Friday February 16, 2018.

All students must be members in good standing of their own school band ensembles.

Each sponsoring director may nominate up to 12 students.

You are not required to submit 12 names, just your best students. If you are a teacher that teaches in more than one school, you can submit a total of 12 students combined, not 12 names per school.

Directors will be e-mailed acceptance letters for those students accepted.

Remember, we are looking to create balanced bands. Please use these maximum numbers as a reference as you nominate students:

- Maximum of one student for alto saxophone
- Maximum of two students for percussion
- Maximum of three students each for trumpet and flute
- Maximum of four students each for all other instruments
(Bassoon, bass clarinet, tuba and horn are typically in demand.)

If recommending multiple students on one instrument, please make it clear who your top recommended student is - not just giving the same rating for everyone.

Submit one application per student/grade/instrument. Click submit only once.

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