New Student Events & Important Dates
Welcome to MOT Charter School! We are excited that you will be joining us starting in the 2019-2020 school year! Please use the form below to select dates for some important events, including placement tests and mixers.
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Summer Mixers
Summer mixers are a time for you to get to know some of your new classmates and to learn a lot about our school and the way we operate, but in a fun and collaborative way! We expect to see everyone at one of our mixers during the summer.
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Placement Tests
All incoming students are required to complete a math placement test NO LATER THAN July 23, 2019. Families can choose to test during our normal summer hours or prior to one of our summer mixers.

You may also choose to take a Spanish placement test if you would like to try to enter Spanish classes above an introductory level.

Students coming from MOT's 8th grade program do not need to take a separate placement test unless they wish to test into a higher math class than what is recommended by the 8th grade math team. (If you are a current MOT 8th grader and wish to test into a higher math class, please select "Required Math placement test ONLY" from the choices below.

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