Calendar Girls Audition Booking Form
Calendar Girls – Auditions January 19th & 20th 2019 – Music Room, Elmwood School. 10:30am – 3:30pm both days

We are looking for a large cast of 14 – 10 females and 4 male to be in Elmwood’s first production for 2019: Calendar Girls.

This will be on stage April 17th – 27th 2019.

Performances are over Easter and Anzac Day, 7:30pm Wednesday to Saturday and 2pm Saturday April 20th and 2pm Sunday April 21st.

All auditionees will be required to present a monologue (or similar) for their audition piece.

No scripts will be handed out prior to auditions – there will be scripts available at auditions.

There will be a 12 week rehearsal period for this production.

Director, Susan Cameron, will contact all who register with a confirmed audition time.

Cast Requirements
Note: the ages are a guide. Please do not let them put you off auditioning – we can, and will adapt for the right person – this applies to both female and male roles.


Chris – 40 – 50yrs. Best friend of Annie and life of the party

Annie – 40 – 50yrs. Best friend of Chris and a little bit reserved – but under the influence of Chris will get up to lots of mischief

Cora – 40 ish. Bit of a joker and must be able to sing well enough to start the show.

Jessie – 50 – 60yrs. Jessie is a teacher. She is pedantic about grammar.

Celia – 35 – 50yrs. Celia likes shopping and is a wee bit out of place in the WI – but is enough of a rebel to fit in.

Ruth – 40 ish. Ruth is always eager to please - but not someone that you can walk all over. Ruth wants more to life.

Marie – 50ish. Marie has built a different ‘Marie’ than what she actually is. She likes to brag about things.

Lady Cravenshire – 60 -70yrs. She is patronizing – but really doesn’t mean to be. Must be over the top. Please note – that this role will be doubled up with the following:

Brenda Hulse: 60 – 70yrs. Brenda is very knowledgeable on Broccoli. The opposite of Lady Cravenshire.

Elaine – 20yrs. Elaine also doesn’t mean to be patronizing – but she is. The world of the WI is very unusual to her.


John: 50yrs ish. Annie’s husband. John is one of life’s genuine nice guys. When he dies – it feels like someone somewhere has turned an important light out.

Rod: 50yrs ish. Chris’s husband. Rod gives as good as he gets. He kind of has to as he is married to Chris.

Lawrence – late 20s. Shy – but not nerdy – there is a quiet wit to Lawrence

Liam – late 20s. Little bit bored with having to direct the photo shoot – would rather be doing bigger and better things. Doesn’t let the boredom show – but you kind of know.

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