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Moko Home + Living is a growing company bursting with innovation, creativity and passion. Our customers dream of a better night's sleep, a welcoming place to host their guests, a fun and safe place for their children to play. But they tell us this isn't easy - they have to settle for low-quality furnishings or break the bank. Join us in building the products, the brand and the network to put quality living within everyone's reach. Here’s what our team has accomplished in the few years since our founding:

• Reached over 100,000 Kenyan homes with our products
• Attracted global investment to continue fuelling our growth and vision
• Supported the growth of over 200 small furniture businesses across the country
• Grown from a start-up to mid-sized company

* Watervale Investments is now doing business as Moko Home + Living. Same great team with a more lovable brand. For those of you who applied to this position before, no worries - your application was still received and will be considered.


Our General Worker role is an entry-level position working on our factory or warehouse floor. Team members start in this role on a "casual" basis for a three month period. Based on performance, you will be eligible for promotion to a longer-term contract after these initial three months. The total monthly gross compensation range is KES 18,000 - 21,000.

If you are interested in being considered for this position, please fill out the form below. There are no strict requirements in terms of qualifications. We are looking for any motivated and capable individual who is willing to undertake tasks such as:

• Assist in light manufacturing of furniture and furniture-making materials
• Assist in loading and offloading materials and equipment
• Assist with any other activities as needs arise, such as assisting with deliveries, preparing samples for customers and conducting errands within Nairobi


All of our general worker positions are based at our main factory and warehouse facility, along Mombasa Rd near Sabaki Stage in the Mlolongo area.

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Work Experience
Enter the last three places where you have worked, with the most recent listed first. Provide the company/organization name, your job title and dates of service. Then briefly describe your responsibilities and any notable accomplishments for each. If you have limited work experience you can list volunteer/community activities and/or leave blank responses.
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For each question in this section, we will describe a brief situation that you might face in working with our company in this role. Please describe how you would handle such a situation.
Scenario 1 *
You are given the responsibility one day of running a machine which is used to make furniture filling material. You are given a target of producing 100kgs by the end of the day. Before lunch, you have only completed 40kgs. When you return from lunch, you turn on the machine and it starts making a strange noise, however it seems to otherwise be working properly. What would you do?
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Scenario 2 *
While at work, you overhear three of your team members talking about stealing some items from the company the next day. Your team has a 10 members in it. Your colleagues are unaware that you heard them talking about stealing What would you do?
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Inventory Analysis
The below image shows a summary of the company's inventory and sales for the first quarter. The "Unit" column shows the unit of measure of each product (e.g. kilograms or meters). "Value (Ksh)" shows the value in Kenya Shillings per unit. "Opening Stock" is the total inventory at the beginning of the quarter. "Jan/Feb/Mar" sales show the sales of each product for each month. And "Total Sales (Quantity)" shows the total sales for the quarter - all three months combined.

Use this information to answer the questions below. Please answer using numbers only, and do not enter commas or decimals in order to facilitate our evaluation of your answers.

What was the average monthly amount of Standard Wadding sold? *
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Next quarter, the company's goal is to increase sales of Standard Webbing by 10% compared to this quarter's sales. At least how many units will need to be sold next quarter to meet that target? *
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What was the total combined value of all products sold in Quarter 1? *
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Compensation *
This position pays 600ksh a day. The work is on a casual basis, meaning there may not be work every day, and you will only be paid for days when you are asked to report to work. Are you comfortable with this?
Anything Else?
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Thank You
This is the end of the job application. Please click "Submit" below to send us the information you have entered.

Please note that since we receive many applications, we regret that we are not able to respond to each applicant individually. We will contact you by phone or email within 2 weeks only if you have been short-listed.

We appreciate your interest in our company and wish you the best of luck.

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