DISI Fall 2017 Application
Thank you for your interest in the Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators (DISI). This is a particularly exciting time for DISI as we look to continue growing the organization, and we are looking for passionate individuals to be a part of it!

Please, fill this application to let us know in what ways you would like to be part of our community next semester. Detailed information on the time commitment and expectations for each role are available on the DISI website:

1. Project Innovator: 3-5 hours a week

2. Project Manager: 5-6 hours a week

3. Board Member: 6-7 hours a week


There are 7 sections, and you can switch between sections. Only fill out sections for roles you are applying for.

The qualitative questions in this application are not "required" but the more detailed you are, the better your chances of being selected for the role(s) you apply.

Be sure to electronically sign your application in section 7 and send your CV to disiduke@gmail.com. Your application will NOT be considered until you have completed both steps. Also, please, be sure to click submit at the end of the form (even if you don't apply for an Executive Board position you will need to click Next until the end of the form).

--> To preview the questions please download this PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5L1xvhA26iScmNOeUhnQTJhNk0/view?usp=sharing

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