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Weconomics Project Quickscan
For which Weconomics service do you want to use this quick scan for?
1. Idea
Write your project idea in your own words and give it a catchy name? For example: 'Community for consultancy services'.
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2. What is your project goal
Describe the purpose of your project. What are your intentions? What problem do you want to solve with it?
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3. Developments, problems and opportunities
What are major developments, challenges and opportunities for your project? For example: application of blockchain technology, increasing digitalization or more fines as a result of stricter European privacy law (GDPR).
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4. Instrument (products and services)
To which instruments (products and services) does your project apply? Do these products / services still need to be developed or are they already there? Examples: consultancy services, hardware, training, data.
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5.Supply and demand
Who are the (potential) customers and suppliers of these instruments? How many customers and suppliers are there? Who supports customers and suppliers with their transactions? For example, banks, governments, accountants, etc.
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6. Processes
Which processes do you want to start with? (For example, offering, selecting and paying for advisory services)
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7. Ambassadors/Resistors to innovation
What are the expected resistances to your project? From whom does this resistance come? Who is going to help and why?
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8.Find the balance
How are you going to innovate? Innovation is often balancing. For example, many organizations mainly want to solve short-term problems, with which they only reinforce long-term problems. How do you find the balance between: short and long term; top down and bottom up; exploit and explore; central and decentral; old and new; doing good and doing well?
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9. Participate in innovation project
Who, you think, is going to participate? What are your ideas or contacts for stakeholders (project members)? Do you already have names? What is the status of these contacts? What is your own knowledge of blockchain? Have you, for example, read books about it or attended events?
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10. Financing/budget
A first project (awareness phase, see also weconomics.org/project) usually costs 5-10K euro. Are you willing and able to contribute financially to the project? Do you have other ideas? What are your ideas or contacts for financing the (first) project? Do you think of contributions from market parties, sponsoring, crowdfunding, subsidies or other possibilities?
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Explanation service
If you want you can give more information about your project idea
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