2021 Nova Scotia Indigenous Tourism Virtual Conference - Online Registration Form (Free)
Thank you for registering for our FREE Virtual Indigenous Tourism Conference, please fill in the following information as requested and select which sections of the 2021 Nova Scotia Indigenous Tourism Virtual Conference that you would like to attend (see below). We will send you the links to your email. Should you have any problems please contact us at your convenience at: nsiten.info@gmail.com .

Please note: If you would like to participate in the Nova Scotia Indigenous Tourism Enterprise Network (NSITEN) AGA/AGM Meetings - you will have to register as a member of NSITEN. Membership is free and the link can be found on our NSITEN website home page at www.nsiten.com.
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Would you like to nominate an Indigenous business, artist, cultural performer or individual for consideration for the 2021 Nova Scotia Indigenous Tourism Awards scheduled for June 8th (7-9pm)? If so, please indicate who and if you would fill out a nomination form that we will send to you... Details on the categories will be emailed to you at our earliest convenience. Thank you! *
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