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Pella Christian Grade School Society Member Electronic Absentee Ballot for the Special Society Meeting to be held on Monday, January 21, 2018.

The electronic ballot must be submitted prior to the society meeting that begins at 5:30 p.m. on January 21. A motion will need to be passed by those in attendance at the January 21 meeting to accept absentee ballots before they will be counted and included in the vote tally.

We appreciate your participation in this decision.
Explanation of Motion
At the November 2018 PCGS Board of Trustees Meeting, a motion was approved to call a society meeting to consider an addendum to the approved January 25, 2016 society motion. The addendum would allow the fourth and final phase of the building project to proceed according to a prioritized list as funding is secured. The motion includes an exception for construction bid packages, which may move forward once 42% of the bid amount is available cash on hand, and 85% has been pledged.

The original January 25, 2016 motion stated that "groundbreaking for each phase of the building project would not commence until the 42% cash on hand and 85% of the money pledged was attained." Over the past three months, the Building Project Committee created a prioritized list of items to be completed in phase four. Many of the items in the prioritized list can be completed with individual contractors instead of pursuing a general contractor to oversee the project. The motion going before the society will allow the building project committee to proceed with phase four items in which money is already available. There is approximately $500,000 cash on hand and $1 million pledged for the final phase of the project.

A small portion of the itemized list will likely require the use of an architect and be bid out to general contractors. The building project committee would proceed with this portion of the list provided the 42% and 85% fundraising thresholds are met.

Motion to the Society
To approve an addendum to the January, 2016 society vote to allow phase four of the building project to proceed according to a prioritized list as funding is secured, with the exception of bid packages, which may proceed once 42% of the bid amount is on hand as cash and 85% has been pledged.
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*A PCGS Society member is defined as an individual, 18 years or older, who signifies his or her desire to be a member, show express agreement with the principles and purposes of this Society set forth in Article II of the PCGS Constitution and who financially supports Pella Christian Grade School. (A parent of a student at PCGS is considered society member.)
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