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From October 26, LA Mission Theatre will begin the research and development phase of "The Fall of Montezuma and the City of Dreams at the Hand of the Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés" (in short, "The Fall"). This original theatrical production will both tell the incredibly dramatic story of the cataclysmic overthrow of the Aztec Empire and explore the theme of “whose home is this.”

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no live or remote performance at the end of this course. Associate Professor of Theatre Arts Robert Cucuzza will lead a group of students through the research and development process of material that will be presented in 2021.

If you are interested in participating in the research and development process, you must interview with Cucuzza via Zoom. If you are accepted into the company, you will be given a permission code to the course "Directed Study-Theatre Arts."

Interviews will be held remotely the week of October 19. You will be contacted via the email that you put on this form, so make sure to check it!

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