Nomination Form for OPIRG McMaster Board Of Directors 2020-2021
Any McMaster student or community member who is a member in good standing of OPIRG McMaster is eligible to run for the Board of Directors of OPIRG McMaster. Nominations are to be submitted from March 17th to March 31st, 2020 by 11:59 pm. A nominee's candidacy will have to be supported by ten (10) other student/community member nominators, who will need to provide their names and McMaster student numbers (listed on section two of this form).
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I hereby state that I am a full-time undergraduate student at McMaster University or a community member in good standing of OPIRG McMaster (community membership fee paid for the 2019-20 year). I accept nomination for election to the OPIRG McMaster Board of Directors and I am prepared to serve one year (or until I submit a resignation) and commencing immediately upon my election at the AGM. I also state that I have reviewed the board member orientation package and will indicate in my enclosed statement, which board portfolio I wish to seek and why. I will endeavour to attend all scheduled board, board planning and board training meetings as outlined in the orientation package.
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Statement of Interest
Please attach a brief statement (and submit electronically to of how your experiences will contribute to the responsibilities of being an OPIRG McMaster Board of Directors, including filling one of the board portfolios described in the orientation package. Also mention your affiliation to any clubs, groups, or associations and how those affiliations can support OPIRG’s mission and have helped you demonstrate leadership and commitment to values shared by OPIRG McMaster.
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