Team Leader application form 2014 TEMPLATE

Thanks for applying to be a team leader for 2014!

This form is for members who are not first years and are interested in team leading at Easters, DAV Pres Cup or Internals throughout the year.

Team Leader Key Criteria

o Team leaders must meet with their novices socially (eg. go for coffee) once each semester.
o Team leaders must proactively seek practice debates, training and resources to help their novices improve.
o Team leaders must show respect to their novices by refraining from talking negatively about them to other people in the contingent. Team leaders are requested to choose one trusted person who they can speak to confidentially about issues in the team.
o Team leaders must contact the externals officer if there are any serious concerns about the team.
o Team leaders must check in with their novices at Easters socials and make sure they’re having fun and making friends.
o Team leaders must be encouraging after debates (despite the result) and help the novice improve by providing one thing to work on for the next debate.
o It is strongly preferred that the relationship between novice and team leader remains a platonic professional and friendly relationship for the duration of the tournament.
o Team leaders must personally contact their novices when there is an official MAD social event or a MAD internal debating competition on and positively encourage them to attend.

What we are looking for in an application:
o An honest assessment of yourself on your strengths as a team leader.
o A realistic idea of what team you would be best placed to lead which keeps an open mind.
o Enthusiasm and thought on how you would team lead.
o Consideration of how you would deal with difficult situations.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not previously been a team leader you will need to make yourself available on Monday in Week 2 to do a practice debate with novices and will need to be available for a 15 minute phone interview. If you are not available on that day you will need to make alternative arrangements with Sasha by contacting .