Caldera Guild Application
Welcome to the Caldera guild application form!

You are here because you want to apply to our Crowfall guild, if you haven't read about us please take the time to learn more at : . All applications are reviewed by our officers and _only_ our officers, so all information will be handled with outmost discretion.

Our application process is split into 3 stages.

1 - Your application is started by answering the questions in this form.
- The application form is split into 3 parts, with a series of questions.
2 - We then review your application and if approved, invite you to an interview.
3 - Upon passing the interview, your Trial in the guild starts.

Before you start : Please join our Discord so we can get in contact with you about the application. You' are of course also welcome to ask any questions or just want to talk to us - do not hesitate to join our discord.

*NOTE* The amount of time you invest into answering the questions will have a direct influence on how successful your application is. Take your time on it.

Good luck!

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