Survey on Determinants of Voter Turnout in the Parliamentary Elections to the National Council
The Election Commission of Bhutan is conducting this survey with the overall objective to collect information so as to understand the determinants that affects voter turnout. Thank you for agreeing to take part in this survey. We would like to ask some questions and the information obtained shall remain confidential and your identity will not be disclosed. it will be used specifically for strengthening voter participation in future elections only
1. Did you ever vote in Elections?
National Assembly *
National Council *
Local Government *
2. Did you vote for National Council Elections 2018? If No, skip Q 3 & If yes, Skip Q 4. *
3. What motivated you to vote?
4. What made you refrain from voting?
5. Did you attend any Voter Education Programmes conducted by the ECB? If No, Skip Q 6? *
6. Was the Voter Education Programmes successful in making you realize the importance of democracy, electoral process and voting?
7. Do you understand the roles and responsibilities of National Council and National Assembly? *
8. Where do you get information on elections? *
9. How long does it take you to reach the Polling Station from your home? *
Please choose one from the option
10. Has Democracy brought you any significant upliftment to your life? *
11. Do you feel voting should be made compulsory?
12. Did you ever return from the Polling Station on any of the following Circumstances? *
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