CVSOS Use Questionnaire
Please complete this short survey to help us develop a use plan once the Carmel Valley Airfield property has been purchased. While we are collecting your email address it will be kept confidential, and will not be shared or sold.
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How often do you visit the Carmel Valley Airfield property? *
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Are you aware that a newly organized community group (Carmel Valley Save Open Space) is trying to purchase the Carmel Valley Airfield property? *
For many in the area, the Carmel Valley Airfield property is a safety net between us and fire devastation. Keeping the space open so that it can be used by CalFire and emergency services is a major reason for the formation of CVSOS. If the airfield property were to be purchased, what uses would you wish to see? (select all that apply) *
If the property is purchased, would you prefer to see it overseen by: *
Some people feel that one way to preserve the majority of the airfield property is to allow some minimal amount of residential development. Would you consider a proposal where four to eight acres were developed in exchange for a guarantee that 22 to 26 acres of the 30-acre site would remain open space?
Would you be interested in donating to this organization through financial or volunteer support to help realize the goal of purchasing the carmel valley airfield property? *
Would you agree to a property assessment over the next ten to fifteen years to raise funds to purchase the Carmel Valley Airfield property to ensure that it remains a public open space?
If you answered yes to the previous question what amount do you think would be reasonable as an annual assessment? Please indicate the highest amount you would agree to.
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Please let us know if you have any thoughts, questions or comments.
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