Tourists Survey
A renewal and competitiveness strategy for Playa de Mogán (Playa de Mogán, Lomoquiebre y Los Riscos) is actually being drafted. The INVOLVEMENT OF TOURISTS, like you, in the decision-making process is essential in order to achieve a more sustainable, inclusive, safer and friendly tourist place for everybody.
A process of PARTICIPATION has been launched, involving residents, visitors and TOURISTS who we encourage to give input on your awareness about this physical and social space.
What you tell us about this tourist place it’s essential to making Playa de Mogán a more comfortable, safer, inclusive and sustainable place for everyone, women, men, girls and boys, older persons, people with reduced mobility, etc.
Below we offer you a series of questions and ask you to answer each of them as exhaustively as possible (if you consider it appropriate, you can provide photos or any other material that facilitates the location of the problem to give solution).
All questions ALWAYS refer to Playa de Mogán.
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Choice of Playa de Mogán as a place to visit
Explain the three reasons for why you have chosen Playa de Mogán to stay these days? If It is different from the below mentioned, you can specity it in the “Other” option. (At most three options, the more important) Select all the appropriate answers
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