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Please answer the following questions as well as you are able to provide information about what your testing needs are with sled impact facility at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI).
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Provide the contact person name, company address, email and phone number.
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Safety Standard(s)
Select the safety standard to which you would like to test the product, if any.
Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATD) or Dummy(s) Needed
Indicate what test dummy or dummies you will be needed for your test(s).
Test Dummy Mass
Indicate if you require additional mass added to the ATD(s) or if the standard mass is needed.
Instrumentation Needed
Indicate if you require additional data collected from the ATD other than standard head and chest triax accelerations (not applicable to dog dummies).
Video Camera Views
Two cameras are provided standard for testing, but additional views may be provided upon request for a small fee. Indicate a particular view that is desired.
Date of Desired Testing *
UMTRI is typically able to schedule testing with about 2 weeks notice. Indicate if you have a desired date for testing and UMTRI engineers will follow up with availability information.
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