Dao Language Centre Interest Form 道语文兴趣问卷
Would you like your child to learn pinyin in just 2 months? Or to greatly improve their Chinese in just 3 months? Fill in the form and we will contact you to assess your child's Chinese abilities and to offer a free trial lesson. 您想两个月让K2的孩子掌握汉语拼音吗?您想三个月让您的孩子华文成绩进步吗?我们会联络您,给您的孩子进行华语知识与能力测试并免费试课。
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What is your child's school level? 孩子几年级? *
What problems does your child face when studying Chinese? 孩子在学习中遇到的困难? *
What is your child's latest Chinese exam score? 孩子最近一次考试成绩? *
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Name and contact number. 姓名与联络号码。
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