Taipei Mend in Public & Palestine Flag Making

Join us for a Mend in Public workshop at the New Bloom Mag movement space in Taipei on April 20th from 13:00 to 17:00. Bring your repairable clothes and any unsellable or torn fabrics in colors representing Palestine. At this event, you can mend your own clothes or contribute to creating Palestine flags as part of a community effort.

We'll have two working groups: one focused on repairing clothes and another on sewing fabric scraps into Palestine flags. Our goal is to show solidarity in Taipei, where discussions on such topics are often limited. We'll use old clothes, handmade batik, and ripped sarongs for the flags.

This event is about building community and sharing skills. If you enjoy sewing, knitting, embroidery, or crocheting, feel free to bring your projects and tools like scissors, measuring tape, needles, and threads. We'll have volunteers offering guidance, and we welcome experts in mending too.

All skill levels are welcome, and you're also invited to simply hang out with us. Contact us for more information!

歡迎參加我們在台北的 New Bloom Mag 運動空間於 4 月 20 日下午 13:00 至 17:00 舉辦的公開修衣工作坊。請您攜帶可修復的衣物或是任何無法銷售或破損布料(巴勒斯坦的顏色)。在這個活動中,您可以修補自己的衣物或者共同製作巴勒斯坦國旗。 

我們將設立兩個工作小組:一個專注於修補衣物,另一個則是將布料碎片縫製成巴勒斯坦國旗。我們的目標是展現台北對巴勒斯坦的團結因為這些話題通常受到限制。我們將使用舊衣服、手工蠟染和破損的沙龍來製作國旗。 此次活動旨在建立社區並分享技能。如果您喜歡縫紉、編織、刺繡或鉤織等活動,歡迎您攜帶您的項目和工具,例如剪刀、測量帶、針線和針。也歡迎修衣專家參加~

無論您的技能水平如何,我們都歡迎您的加入,您也可以來和我們一起度過時光~ 如需更多信息,請聯繫我們!

WHEN: April 20th from 13:00 to 17:00.

WHERE: 110 bangka blvd . wanhua district . taipei . taiwan


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