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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Shams Table host! Your efforts will help us a lot to continue the success of our project - the expansion of Shams Table!

#ShamsTable is a unique format that gathers people with different backgrounds to express and exchange their thoughts on social and personal issues. We aim to provide individuals with non-judgmental spaces that encourage sharing knowledge, personal stories and critical thinking.
Shams Table events are grassroot activities run by passionate individuals (we call them hosts) eager to engage their own communities in dialogue, understand different cultural views, and convert this dialogue into positive community impact. They are members of Shams Community, but their events are not controlled by it. Instead, they have received training, toolkits, and connection to a worldwide network of hosts all with the same goal of community dialogue and impact.

IMPORTANT: About facilitators --

Shams Table Hosts do not need to be experts on the topic being discussed. Good facilitators help establish a safe environment where participants can discuss complex and often emotionally-charged issues. Facilitators also help participants understand that the dialogue is a learning experience and not a forum for participants to voice their opinions without listening to others.


1. Fill out this form! Shortlist candidates will be determined and messaged according to their profile.
2. Persons should be at least be committed to hosting 2-3 online discussions online per month after the facilitator training.
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