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deis IMPACT! 2019: Overview
After seven years of being hosted by the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life, 'deis IMPACT! has been reconfigured as a program of The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (ODEI). This is an exciting time with opportunites to strengthen the impact of this important and popular campus experience. In addition to having a formal theme (see below), for 2019, we are narrowing the scope of the festival. The calendar of events will take place over 7 days (February 3rd - 9th, 2019). We are seeking diverse, dynamic, and engaging programs that focus on depth and impact. Structurally, we will sponsor one "cornerstone" event to take place each of the week-day nights of this social justice festival (Monday, February 4th - Friday, February 8th). These are intended to be powerful keynote events that attract larger audiences and bring the campus community together. In addition to these night-time opportunites, we welcome a wide-array of program submissions for morning, afternoon, and evening programs to take place throughout the 'deis IMPACT! 2019 week. Programs take on a variety of forms from: Art, Artistic Performance, or Multi-Media / Video; Display (e.g., Poster Presentation); Facilitated Discussion; Panel Presentation; Speaker; or Workshop.
deis IMPACT! 2019: Theme
What is Social Justice?:
Consciously Exploring Oppression, Power, and Privilege in our Communities

For ‘deis IMPACT! 2019, we are seeking programming that explores the theme: What is Social Justice? Consciously Exploring Oppression, Power, and Privilege in our Communities. Our hope is the theme will support the Brandeis community in our exploration of, reflection on, and dialogues about the ways in which we understand, experience, and oppression, power, and privilege. As you prepare your application to serve as a programming sponsor for 'deis IMPACT! 2019, we ask that you submit applications that are relevant to this theme. As you prepare to submit your application, some questions to consider include:

• How is oppression experienced and maintained within our global, national, local, and campus communities?
• How is privilege experienced and maintained within our global, national, local, and campus communities?
• How is power distributed, shared, and withheld within our global, national, local, and campus communities?
• In what ways is your program, organization, or group working toward exploring and/or dismantling systems of oppression and privilege?
• In what ways is your program, organization, or group exploring issues of inequitable power distribution?
• What are interconnections between oppression, power, and privilege?
• What might the role of Brandeis University, as an academic institution rooted in social justice, be in promoting issues of oppression, power, and privilege?

Examples of suggested programming topics:
• Disability and Ability
• Diversity and Free Speech
• Environmental Justice
• Expressions of Justice in the Arts, Media, and Music
• Family Separation
• Food Justice
• Gender
• Hidden Identities
• Housing and Homelessness
• Immigration and Nationality
• Managing Conflict across Identity
• Politics and Political Movements
• Poverty
• Mass Migration
• Prison Reform / Prisoner Rights / Mass Incarceration
• Racial Identity
• Religion and Spirituality
• Reproductive Justice
• Role of Academia / Educational Institutions in Social Justice Movements
• Role of Business in Social Justice Movements
• Sexuality
• Socioeconomic Status
• 500th Anniversary of the Atlantic Slave Trade
• and many, many others...
Since we are intent on "impact", depending on the strength of the application and proposed program, we are providing limited funding to support your programming efforts. We encourage organizers and hosts to seek funding from other sources (e.g., A-Board, campus departments, etc.) The night-time cornerstone programs are eligible to receive up to $1,000 and the day-time programs can receive up to $250 from 'deis IMPACT 2019!.

Furthermore, based upon the potential of similarly-themed programs being submitted, we may accept programs with the condition and expectation that differing sponsors collaborate to bring that particular program to life. If this is the case, we will notify the the sponsors. Individuals, organizations, and departments who intentionally submit proposals as a collaborative effort, will have a greater probability of being accepted.

Important Dates and Information:
- Proposals are due no later than THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18th at 11:59pm.
- Proposers will be notified on their program's inclusion (or not) Monday, October 22nd.
- A MANDATORY Proposers Training Session is scheduled for MONDAY, OCTOBER 29th.
(This gathering will be held in the ICC Lounge from 7pm - 9pm and is only required for those representatives of programs that will be included in the 'deis IMPACT! 2019 schedule of events.)

* Interested in sponsoring an event and looking to collaborate, we will be hosting a "Proposer Workshop" scheduled for Thursday, October 11th in the ICC Lounge from 6pm - 8pm. This will be an opportunity to share your ideas with the 'deis IMPACT! 2019 Impacter Team and to receive feedback to strengthen your application. Additionally, this gathering will be a space to meet others from across campus with amazing ideas in hopes of cross-campus collaborations.

Thank you for considering hosting a program for 'deis IMPACT 2019! We look forward to reading your application. Please note that you will NOT be able to get back into your application once you press "submit". For any questions, please contact 'deis IMPACT! 2019 Program Director, Jonathan Kroll at JKroll@brandeis.edu

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