Judging Information - Wind River Speech and Debate Tournament- March 18-20 - ONLINE
We are getting ready to host the Wyoming Speech and Debate National Qualifying Tournament and really need everyone's help to make it a success. You do not need any Speech and Debate expertise nor understanding. You just require a desire to watch incredible talented students and we will help you with everything else. We hope you will choose at least 3- 5 slots to judge, but we would love and appreciate if you could judge more rounds. You will receive an email before the tournament with the exact times you will be judging and possibly what you will be judging. We will also send you information about your events so that you feel more comfortable while judging. You are the reason our students may be successful and we thank you for that!
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If you have not judged online this year yet, please visit www.tabroom.com and sign up for an account. It is extremely helpful if you can do this right away so we can officially finish registering you. Thank you so much!!
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