1. Eligibility: Open to USBC sanctioned adult & youth bowlers. Sanctions not available on site.
Not eligible:
a. The top 30 on the PBA points list during the 2019/20 and/or 2020/21 season.
b. The top 10 on the PWBA points list during the 2021 and/or 2019 season.
c. Professional bowlers with 2 or more national PBA or PWBA titles including a major tournament (i.e. Master, US
Open, Women’s Open, Queens, Players Championship, etc.) in the past 5 years.
2. Entry Deadline: Entries close 5/29/21. Walk-ins will not be accepted. The $300 entry fee applies to entries postmarked on or before 5/29/21; entries postmarked after 5/29/21 will pay $400, the late entry fee.
3. Line Up: No substitutions permitted once the tournament begins.
4. Dress Code: Polo, mock neck shirts, shorts, and jeans are welcome. No headgear or offensive clothing permitted.
5. Conduct: Any bowler using abusive language, abusing the center’s equipment, or acting unsportsmanlike will be subject to disqualification.
6. Ties: If a tie for 1st place or the last cut spot occurs, a one-game roll-off will decide the winner. Ties for position round matches will be broken by pinfall without bonus pins added. Ties involving the final standings will share the position and prize money.
7. Prize Money: Money returned 100% at a cash ratio of 1 in 6. The entry fee breakdown is as follows: $224 prize fund • $66 lineage • $10 expenses.
8. Refunds: Fees will be returned for those incidents that the tournament has no control over such as strikes, lockouts, fire, flood, or other incidents outside of the tournament management’s control.
9. All decisions of tournament management shall be final except where an appeal is made to USBC for further consideration. See rule 329 for appeal procedures.
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