FPHRC Teacher Applications Year 2018/19
Applications Due: NOW!!
Spring Registration: Saturday, March 2
Spring Session 10 weeks 3/18-6/3, break 4/1-4/5
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What is your preferred day of the week and list the times you'd like your class(es) offered and whether you are flexible. Classes will run from 11am-5pm Mon.-Thurs with a few exceptions.
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How much homework do you anticipate students will have each week?
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Special Requests: (i.e., do you require access to a sink, video or other technology, projection, need a quiet room, etc.)
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Teacher Expectations
1. All teachers are subject to the direction of the Executive Directors and Leadership Team of
2. Teachers must abide by all FPHRC policies and procedures as outlined in the TEACHER CONTRACT and the
Handbook. In addition, all teachers are expected to understand and support the educational
philosophy and policies of FPHRC and to work conscientiously and professionally to carry out
the mission, goals, and objectives of FPHRC.
3. Teachers must NOT teach anything that would be in direct conflict with the FPHRC Statement
of Faith.
4. Teachers must notify the appropriate staff person two weeks prior to the start of classes if
unforeseen circumstances arise to prevent them from teaching their class.
5. Teachers must commit to teaching the entire session or duration of their class, as per their
6. Teachers will work professionally and to the best of their abilities to teach their students as
efficiently as possible, being prepared and adhering to the responsibilities included in the class
tier their class falls in (core, specialty, elective, or private teacher).
7. Teachers will communicate consistently with their department director and stay informed about
meetings and center events.
8. Teachers will come to all mandatory teacher meetings (one before every session) and preview
9. Teachers agree to pay 10% of their earnings back to the center each session.
10. Teachers agree to do a background check prior to teaching, paid for at their expense (cost is
I have read the statements above and I agree to adhere to and follow them. *
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