CCFC Community Cares
This is a volunteer-run community service that matches people currently in voluntary self-isolation/quarantine, or those with accessibility issues, with a neighbour who can help out with occasional basic out-of-home errands.

How It Works
After completing a brief confidential form, our volunteers will try to match you with a nearby person. We will email both of you and give each of you the other’s contact information. Then, it’s over to you two!

Do I Pay for This? Do I Get Paid?
No. This is a free service — no money changes hands. It’s just people in Chilliwack helping their neighbours.


Thanks to the Nanaimo Beacon for the idea, and for helping us set this up. If you are on Vancouver Island, check out their service at
When you complete this form, our volunteers at the CCFC Community Cares will match you with a person who can provide help or with someone near you who needs your help. This temporary community service is only open to people who are in (1) voluntary self-isolation, or (2) mandated quarantine. *
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