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It looks like you have signed up for a Co op next year in your course selection options or are in the process of exploring co op. This is exciting! Thanks for your interest in the HDCH Co op program and I look forward to planning an excellent co op experience with you.

In order to help me connect you with a placement that will be a good fit, please take a few minutes to complete the following form as soon as possible. Once I have received your response, I will connect with you for a brief follow up conversation.

Please note that some placements are highly competitive and may fill up quickly. Others take applications as soon as February/March for the following year. The sooner you send me your responses, the sooner we can begin to process your placement and begin applying. If you have already spoken to a potential employer, please indicate this on the form in the space provided.

Mr. Van Egmond
Director of HDCH Co Op/Venture Program.
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I am most interested in learning about the following career pathways/workplace areas. (You may check more than one.) *
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I will using the following transportation to get to my co op placement: *
Briefly describe any previous part-time or summer job experiences. Include location/responsibilities. *
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My current plans after completing HDCH are to: *
I already know of a particular business or organization that I would like HDCH to approach about a possible co op. See details and contact information below. If possible, I will drop off a business card at the co op office. (Put N/A, if not applicable.) *
I have discussed doing a co op with my parent(s)/guardian(s) including transportation, location and type of workplace and they are in agreement with my plans. *
I still need the following information about co op or would like to provide the following additional information that will be important for planning my co op:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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