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!!!Attention!!! (update 2022 October 16th)

The actual price of classic Ambox is 34500 RUR, this is 550 $/€ or 485 £ per today's currency rate
We are keeping the old prices for everybody outside Russia until end of December this year.
This is our gift to all of you for Christmas.

We deliver by Post worldwide, confirmed.
By experience, even faster than usual to most destinations (2-5 weeks)
!Mind that delays are possible (the parcel will take landline route if needed).
Currently no postal service to: Denmark, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine.

We guarantee that your Ambox will be delivered.

We accept payments via PayPal or by international UnionPay/MIR cards.
We are once again accepting VISA/MasterCard payments (excluding cards issued in USA, Canada, UK, Baltic countries)
We also accept SWIFT wire transfers in EUR/USD from legal entities / corporate customers.

We are working to add more payment solutions as soon as humanly possible.

Due to sensible production costs raise Ambox had to index all prices in early February 2022.
Due to strong change in exchange rates between USD and EUR/GBP, we had to update prices in EUR/GBP.
All prices are already updated in this form.
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Ambox classic edition (usable for decoupage, but beautiful as it is)
Ambox raw. Best for customization at local atelier for decoupage, hand-painting, toning etc. Or if you like it raw
Ambox transparent illuminating (acrylic body, crank-powered LED strap contour). Fragile, but beautiful. Handle with extra care.
Ambox fully engraved original artist's design, limited series
Ambox fully engraved Taro-themed, limited series
Ambox hand-painted "Little Town", artisan work, sole copy
Ambox hand-painted "Celestial Mechanic", artisan work, sole copy
Ambox Sync. Only syncs with other Ambox Sync. Switchable modes of operation: master/slave/solo. Body design – basic.
Your Ambox will include
a MicroSD with music, SD adapter, printed user's manual in English, set of hex keys
If you would like more than one
Just skip this line if you need just one, or indicate below how many
---Payment information---
Payment terms
We accept VISA/MasterCard banking cards issued in all countries except America, U.K., Turkey, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia (10% service commission)
We accept PayPal transfers worldwide in USD (EUR/GBP will be exchanged) (11/15/15% service commission)
We accept UnionPay / MIR banking cards, billed in Russian Rubles (NO service commission, make sure with your bank that you have 3DSecure protection and international online payments to Russia enabled).
UnionPay cards available online in EU at:
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---Delivery information---
Postal delivery fare zones (slower cheaper fares in parenthesis when available)

America 1: $85 (airmail only) – United States
America 2: $85 (airmail only) – Argentina, Canada, Cuba, Greenland, Puerto-Rico
No delivery to: Mexico, Latin and South America

Europe 1: €40 (slow €30) – Croatia
Europe 2: €40 – Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Europe 3: €45 – Montenegro
Europe 4: €50 (slow €40) – Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia, Slovenia
Europe 5: €55 (slow €45) – France, Greece, Switzerland
Europe 6: €60 (slow €50) – Austria, Portugal
Europe 7: €60 – Ireland
Europe 8: €65 (slow €45) – Spain
Europe 9: €65 (slow €55) – Norway
Europe 10: €70 (slow €55) – Romania , Slovakia
Europe 11: €70 (slow €60) – Germany
Europe 12: €80 (slow €60) – Czech, Iceland
United Kingdom: £80
Israel: $55
Turkey: $60
No delivery to: Denmark, Finland, Poland, Sweden.

Asia 1: $60 (slow $45) – Japan
Asia 2: $65 (slow $50) – China, India:
Asia 3: $65 (slow $55) – Korea
Asia 4: $85 (slow $65) – Honkong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore

We also deliver to:
all ex-USSR countries, except Ukraine
all Middle East countries, except Syria and Yemen.

We have no delivery to:
Australia and Oceania,
Africa (except Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Seychelles, South Africa and Tunisia)
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