Surveying university English language instructors' development provision and expenses in the shift to online teaching
In this questionnaire I am looking for answers from teachers who are moving into online teaching. Your data will be kept completely anonymous and will only be shared in ways that cannot identify you, which is why I am not collecting names or email addresses. You can contact me about any concerns you may have about the questionnaire by email:
In which country do you mainly teach?
Your answer
What is your employment situation? Check all boxes that currently apply.
What training or education have you received from your employer(s) to assist in teaching online? Describe in as much or as little detail as necessary.
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What training or education have you received prior to 2020 in teaching online? Please check all that apply.
Who owns the equipment you will use to teach online?
If you use your own equipment, does your employer pay for wear and tear expenses?
What types of software does your employer provide?
Who pays for the internet connection you will use?
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