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2020-2021 Registration/Commitment Form Season #10
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It is possible for the Elite All-Star teams to win a bid to the D2 Summit at Disney World in May 2021. Would you like for your child to be considered for an Elite All-Star team? *
I have read the release of liability waiver and I understand the risks associated. I release Xtreme Heat All Star Cheer of all liabilities associated with participation. *
I have read and understand the policies and expectations outlined in the 2020-2021 Xtreme Heat All-Star Cheer Policies. *
Photo Release: I understand that photos/videos may be taken during practice, classes, competitions and other gym activities. I give my consent for them to be posted by Xtreme Heat's coaches to social media and website. *
Full Name of person completing this form. By typing my name below, I am committing to the 2020-2021 season with Xtreme Heat All-Star Cheer. As the parent or legal guardian of the athlete I am registering, I am acknowledging that I fully understand the policies and expectations and I agree that I and my child will be fully committed for the entire cheer season (May 2020-May 2021). *
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