Petition for Überstadti citizenship
Please answer all questions as fully as possible. All answers will be kept private, unless they are needed to report criminal or malicious activity.
Give your full legal ("macronational") name.
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Give your preferred pseudonym for use in online media, if you choose.
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List all your current legal nationalities, including in countries considered micronations.
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Select your gender.
Select your preferred honorific.
Give your birth date.
Give your preferred email address for receiving Überstadti communication, including notice of parliamentary votes.
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List all of your criminal convictions, including in international courts and the courts of countries considered micronations, if any.
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In what city do you live? (List city and country)
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What is your present occupation?
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How did you learn about Überstadt?
Why do you want to become an Überstadti citizen?
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What experiences, interests, knowledge, and skills can you contribute to Überstadt? This might include leadership experience, technical knowledge, craft skills, artistic ability, or anything else that contributes to the cultural, economic, and political life of a nation.
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Überstadt is a direct democracy, and citizens are expected to participate in governance. Failure to vote in Parliament at least annually will result in a loss of citizenship. Do you accept this responsibility?
Überstadt holds an annual census, and failure to respond to it will result in loss of citizenship. Do you understand and accept this fact?
Überstadt is an environmentalist nation. We seek to conserve biodiversity, manage resources wisely, and mitigate climate change and its effects. Do you agree with these values?
Since 2013, Überstadti business has been worker-owned and democratically governed. Will you uphold the workers' control of our economy?
Most Überstadtis are Christians, but we believe in a secular state and religious liberty, and oppose religious persecution. Do you support these principles?
Überstadt opposes bigotry based on race, color, national origin, creed, sexual orientation, sex, gender, and all similarly foundational personal characteristics. Will you respect these differences in Überstadtis and others?
Completing this petition does not guarantee that you will be granted Überstadti citizenship. Do you understand and accept this fact?
Do you make the following oath/affirmation? "I do solemnly swear/affirm that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Kingdom of Überstadt under the government of His Majesty King Adam the First and his lawful successors; that I will honor the laws, customs, and values of Überstadt; that I have made no false statement or omission in my petition for citizenship; and that I make this oath/affirmation without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion."
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