Kaiser-Sankofa Design Survey: Values, Vision & School Name
Dear Kaiser and Sankofa Communities:

The Kaiser-Sankofa Design Team wants to hear from you.  As we develop our vision and agree on the core values upon which our merged school will be based, we want to know what matters most to you.  Your input will help guide and define the mission and vision of our new school and shape the kind of learning environment and community we develop for our kids.

We invite you to take some time over the long weekend to discuss the following questions as a family.  We hope you will include your children in the conversation, so that your responses reflect their ideas as well as yours.

Please submit your responses by noon on Tuesday, November 12, in order for the Design Team to include your input in our meeting that evening.

This is the first of many opportunities for you to share your input.  Thank you for sharing your ideas and opinions with us.

We invite you to answer any or all of the following questions.

The Kaiser-Sankofa Design Team

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What does your family value most in a school?
The values that guide Sankofa’s school culture are: Respectful Individuals, Responsible Leaders, Reflective Achievers.  Kaiser’s schoolwide values are: Safe, Mindful, and Responsible.  What are three values that you would like to see drive the mission of our new school?
What do you hope your child will know and be able to do when they leave fifth grade?
What do you see as a school’s role in shaping and inspiring kids to become responsible adults, productive citizens, and community leaders?
What name(s) would you like considered for the merged school that will be located on the Sankofa campus next year?
Are there other things you would like the design team to consider when drafting our vision and values and selecting possible names for the merged school?
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