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With this survey I am starting to explore your relationship with music and Music Thinking. The results will be posted via There are no mandatory questions, but I hope you answer them all.

All the data sent with this form is anonymous. The questionnaire will take approx. 5 minutes.

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1. What kind of Music do you prefer in general?
pick a genre that applies most
2. What kind of Music is your 2nd best?
pick a genre that applies most
3. What kind of Music do you dislike?
pick a genre that applies most
4. What are your most important musical moments in your live?
Songs, albums, compositions, concerts, events, first kiss, together with friends, ... Why are they important? Is there a special story? Feel free to share your memories.
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5. What does Music Thinking mean to you?
See an explanation on or just fill in what YOU think
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6. How can Music Thinking be used for Business, Innovation & Life?
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7.1 Would you recommend Music Thinking to friends or colleagues?
Make your choice.
no way
yes, absolutely!
7.2 What would you tell them?
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How did you hear about this survey?
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