DPC Physician Survey
If you are a physician practicing direct primary care, please complete the following survey. Answer questions based on your CURRENT career situation as a DPC provider. 32 Items. Thank you for your help!
In what state do you practice?
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What is your medical specialty?
What is your age?
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What is your gender?
Including yourself, how many physicians are in your practice?
How long have you been a DPC provider?
Which best describes your professional morale and your feelings about the current state of the medical profession?
Which best describes how you feel about the future of the medical profession?
If you had to do your career over, would you choose to be a physician?
Would you recommend medicine as a career to your children or other young people?
On average, how many hours do you work per week (include all clinical and non-clinical duties)?
Of these, how many hours do you work each week on NON-CLINICAL (paperwork) duties only?
On average, how many patients do you see per day (include both office and hospital encounters)?
Which of the following best describes your current practice?
Which best describes the time you are able to spend with patients?
To what extent do you have feelings of professional burnout in your medical career?
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