Public Survey for 5-year Plan
Please answer the following questions. Your input will inform the department's next 5-year plan for additions and improvements to the entire park system.
Please indicate your age. *
Do you live in the city limits of Tecumseh? *
If you visited City of Tecumseh parks within the last 5 years, did you like the parks? *
Do the parks need improvements? *
If the park(s) need improvements, what do you suggest? Please select all that apply. *
Did you or a family member participate in one of our recreational activities, events, or sports leagues within the last 5 years? *
If you or a family member participated in one of our recreational activities, events, or sports leagues, how could they be improved? *
What new activities, events, or amenities would you like to see the Department offer? *
Do you have any additional comments, positive or negative, for the City of Tecumseh Parks and Recreation Department? *
Thank you - we appreciate your valuable input!
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