Student Solidarity - Let's Unite
2018 has given us the opportunity to renew and unite the student movement. Huge numbers of students supported the UCU strike; thousands took action together in solidarity. We saw strikes at over 60 institutions, roaming pickets, national demonstrations and a wave of 26 occupations.

This is against the backdrop of a neoliberal university system – the demolition of FE – a mental health crisis – soaring rents – a future of debt and precarious work – a rise in racism, Islamophobia, misogyny and growing attacks on LGBTQ and disabled people – and a world being wrecked by capitalism. Hundreds of thousands of us believe that we can do better. You can see it in the movement around Corbyn, and the surge of support for socialist politics. You can see it too in rent strikes, student-worker solidarity campaigns, for instance at University of London, and young workers taking the lead in the strikes at McDonald’s, TGI Fridays, Deliveroo, and Picturehouse.

We want to take the solidarity and the politics of the pensions struggle forward. Let’s unite and go on the offensive to transform education and society around a shared vision.

We aim to democratise and radicalise the institutions of NUS and student unions, and break the bureaucracy and political culture which dominates them. Our left representatives need to be supported, and pressured, by a well-organised movement.

The programme below is inspired by the statements drawn up by meetings of occupation activists in Edinburgh and London at the height of the UCU strike. Let’s unite around the politics and activism that has come out of our recent shared struggles and bring together thousands more students and activists.

We are calling on our universities and colleges to:
- Pay the Living Wage, stop using zero hours contracts, stop blacklisting workers, end outsourcing
- Implement a 5:1 pay ratio between the highest and lowest paid staff on campus
- Divest from fossil fuels and arms companies
- Uphold the right to organise, speak and protest, end collaboration with PREVENT, don’t allow police on campus without SU permission
- Fund mental health services
- Cap rent at £100/week in London, £70 outside
- Free childcare for all on campus

Nationally we are fighting for:
- Free education and living grants for all and abolition of student debt, funded by taxing the rich and nationalising the banks
- Fully restored funding to rebuild Further Education. Bring it back into Local Authority control.
- A democratic, public education system: run by workers, students and the community; accessible; with a liberatory curriculum. All schools should be democratic community schools
- A £10ph minimum wage for all, a ban on zero hours contracts and repeal of anti-union laws, to help young, precarious and all workers organise.
- Freedom of movement and migrants’ rights; equal rights for all migrants; shut down detention centres
- A ban on fracking and a move to renewable energy - An end to Trident nuclear weapons
- Stand up for sex workers’ rights, especially the right to organise
- A fight against transphobia and for radically expanded access to trans healthcare.

To make these things possible we fight for:
- A drive to unionise student workers and encourage those leaving education to become workplace activists
- A democratic student movement based on open debate and unity in action - Democratic Student Unions: elected officers and sovereign, regular General Meetings and should make decisions, not trustee boards.
- A democratised NUS: a longer conference and bigger delegations - Building SUs and/or student campaign groups in FE and schools
- A coordinated campaign of rent strikes.

Initial Signatories - Add your name below

Liam McCabe, NUS Scotland President-elect

Georgie Spearing, KCL LGBT+ SU Head, NUS Disabled Students Committee

Lewis Macleod, Aberdeen SU Communities Officer

Ben Seifert, Former Chair, Southampton University Labour Society

Becca Harrington, Oxford Brookes Union Women's Officer

Bradley Allsop, Lincoln SU Postgraduate Research Officer

Ana Oppenheim, NUS NEC, LSE Labour Committee

Christie Neary, NUS Trans Campaign, Oxford Brookes University

Ameena Khan Sullivan, Alternative Union, University of Surrey

Joel Jordan, Southampton Students Against University Cuts, Southampton Labour Society

Monty Shield, NCAFC

Jamie Brown, George Square Lecture Theatre Occupation, University of Edinburgh

Ewan Trehearne, President, University of Gloucester Labour Students

Papatya O'Reilly, former Fossil Free Bristol President, University of Bristol

Carlus Hudson, University of Portsmouth

Stephen Hayes, Lewisham Southwark College Student Union President

Kaiya De Gennaro, Leeds Beckett University

Justine Canady, Women’s Officer, UCL

Ada Wordsworth, Justice for UoL Workers, UCL

Jessica Small, Postgraduate Officer Elect, University of Birmingham

Rida Vaquas, Oxford University Labour Club

Nina Marsh, Students In Solidarity, University of Edinburgh

Nanxy Huang, University of Bristol

Lewis Baker, BFAWU, University of Greenwich

Declan Merrington, Durham Student-Staff Solidarity, Durham Working Class Students Association

Maisie Sanders, NCAFC Women and Non-Binary Officer

Ranjith Soman, Imperial College

Evan Amekuedi, University of Bristol Feminist Society - Trans Rep

Jess O'Brien, CUSU Disabled Students' Campaign, Cambridge Defend Education, Cambridge Zero Carbon

Akanshya Gurung, Surrey Labour Club Co-Chair

Catherine McClane, University of Reading Marxist Society

Alexander Simpson, Surrey Cut the Rent/Surrey Labour Students

Tanju Cakar, NUS Disabled Students Committee Open Place, University of Sheffield

Ruby Harrop, Fossil Free UCL, Cut the Rent, Justice for UoL Workers

Kierin Offlands, Goldsmiths Labour

Harriet Carroll, Occupy Bath, Bath Students Against Fees and Cuts

Baran Bayir, Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP Youth Officer, The Urswick Sixth Form

Emma Runswick, BMA Student Representative (pc), University of Manchester

Yunzhou Li, University of Sheffield

Christie van Tinteren, LSE Justice for Cleaners

Victor Sievert, KCL Socialist Students, Kings College London

Bryony Sampson, University of the West of England

Daniel Harris, Liverpool Marxist Society, University of Liverpool

Joel Jordan, Southampton Students Against University Cuts / Southampton University Labour Society

David Bullock, Durham Student-Staff Solidarity, ACORN Durham External Affairs Officer

Bob Marns, Bristol Student Staff Solidarity

Joshua Bennett Lovell, UCU Member, University of Cambridge

Emma Rimpiläinen, St Antony’s Living Wage campaign, University of Oxford

Matthew Bliss, University of Leicester

Emil-Dorian McHale, University of Reading Labour Society

Joseph Pober, Left Forum, Imperial College

Grace Allport, University of Manchester

Jack Kershaw, Radical Left UCL

Liam Astle, Oxford Brookes University

Tyrone Falls, Bristol Student Staff Solidarity Group, University of Bristol

Gaia Paton-Garner, University of Gloucestershire

Raphael Birrell, Student Solidarity Network, University of Edinburgh

Ruby Kelman, University of Edinburgh

Alice Hazlehurst Duncan, Bath Students Against Fees and Cuts, Bath Spa University

Zack Muddle, Bristol Student-Staff Solidarity Group

Lucile Franchet, Imperial College London

Rebecca Larney, Kings College London

Andrew Peak, Oxford and District Labour Party Youth Officer, University of Oxford

Josh Chown, Surrey Labour Students

Tom Costello, Socialist Students, University of Central Lancashire

Gabrielle Cathala, University of Edinburgh

Connor Rosoman, Socialist Students, University Of Sussex/BIMM Brighton

Ben Beach, University of Cambridge

Julia Cushion, Durham Student Staff Solidarity

Matthew Lee, UCL Free Education, UCL Cut The Rent, UoL Justice for Workers

Joel Jordan, Southampton Students Against University Cuts, Southampton University Labour Society

Dan Davison, NCAFC Postgrads and Education Workers Co-Rep, University of Cambridge

Tom Zagoria, NCAFC NC, University of Oxford

Jake Roberts, Surrey Labour Students

Rahma Alfarsy, University of Cambridge

Tom Brown, University of Edinburgh

Nanxy Huang, University of Bristol

Grace Atkins, UCL

Vijay Jackson, Scottish Labour Young Socialists Communications Officer, Student Solidarity Network, University of Edinburgh

Blue Weiss, University of Oxford

Alexander Ghionis, Imperial College

Julian Appleyard, Durham Student-Staff Solidarity

Alex Sheehan, University of Reading Marxist Society, Berkshire Left Alliance

Ruth Hudson, UCL

Omar Raii, Imperial College

Atticus Stonestrom, University of Oxford

Alex Stuart, Surrey Labour Students

Ben Towse, UCL

Simon Neumaier, University of Oxford

Timo Zheng, University of Cambridge

Daniel Emery, University of Cambridge

Francesca Rigg, University of Cambridge

Taz Walden, University of Cambridge

Jeff Miley, University of Cambridge

Joe Sefton, University of Cambridge

Marcel Llavero Pasquina, University of Cambridge

Ellie Cawte, University of Cambridge

Arthur Beard, University of Cambridge

Taz Walden, University of Cambridge

Amy Sutcliffe, University of Cambridge

Jacob Elliman, University of Reading Marxist Society

Thomas Marriott, University of Reading Marxist Society

Aristidis Shukuroglou, University of Reading Marxist Society

Jessica Breakey, University of Cambridge

Harry Orwell, University of Cambridge

Lydia Phillips, University of Cambridge

Isaac Mond, University of Cambridge

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