Workshop Facilitator Application 2020
Festival Nomade, Manquemapu, Chile <3
All you need to know...
In exchange for facilitating a workshop with Festival Nomade, you’ll receive:
-- Free entrance to the festival
-- Access to the general camping area for 8 nights
-- Food (10 total meals from the Production Kitchen)
-- Access to all other workshops
-- 2 Discount Codes for General Admission tickets (that you may sell or give away)

Before sending your workshop proposal, be sure you are able to comply with our requirements:

-Workshops must be at least 1 hour long and generate at least 15 participants.

-Facilitators must conduct at least 4 sessions (or variations) of the workshop within the first 6 days of the festival, or its equivalent (i.e. four 1-hour sessions, two 2-hour sessions)

-Arrive to the festival site one day before the start of the Festival (February 3) to confirm your workshop schedule, confirm the physical space where your workshop will take place, and complete any preparations.

-Facilitators must provide any special materials necessary for their workshop.

-Be available to communicate via email & whatsapp with Festival organizers in the months leading up to the event

-Arrive to the festival by your own means. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to provide transportation to the site, but facilitators may purchase discounted Nomade Shuttle tickets to depart on Feb 10.

-Facilitators promise to practice punctuality, professionalism, respect, self-care, & collaboration

If the information above makes you feel all happy & excited to put on your lovely workshop, please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible and we will contact you shortly.

We are accepting proposals on a rolling basis until our schedule is full.

*Take note: if invited to give your Workshop, this information may be used for Festival communications, so give it your best.
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