Southmoore Band Letter Application 2019
A letter in band is an honor that must be earned. Please verify that you have completed all of the criteria listed below. Mr. Mewhorter reserves the right to verify requirements and nullify your application if necessary.

Fill this form out by April 12, 2019. Unexcused absences and or academic ineligibility that occur after the submission date will nullify your application.

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Attendance Requirements
Students must have appropriate attendance in order to earn a letter.
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Additional Activities
Students must complete at least one of the following additional activities. Students must also meet a performance standard in their wind band as established by their conductor.
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Academic Requirements
Students must meet appropriate academic requirements.
Have you appeared on the academic ineligibility list this year? *
Financial Requirements
Students must be paid up to the band in order to earn a letter.
Do you have any outstanding financial debts to the band program *
Previous Year Letters
Please mark each year you have earned a letter Please note, this is not a requirement, rather it helps ensure we order the correct items.
All the information I have provided in this form is true. I understand that attendance will be verified and I will be ineligible for a letter this year and all remaining years if I have provided false information on this form. *
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