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PCMA Capital Chapter has recently relaunched a Shadowing program; the goal of this program is to offer students and transitioning professionals exposure to the industry "from the inside," with real-world experience through shadowing opportunities with local industry professionals. We anticipate our shadowee experience will last between a few hours to a week, depending on the task in which they will be involved.

Below, we have listed several ideas for shadow opportunities. If you can participate and have other ideas, we’d like to hear them and add them to our list.
- Attend a DC conference/event and assist the planner as needed (i.e. directional, signage, etc.).
- Accompany a CVB rep or hotel sales rep on sales calls.
- Spend a day at the office of a planner, hotelier or other industry office staff member.
- Spend a day with a non-hotel, supplier like a caterer, audio visual company, or a General Service Contractor.
- Or your very own suggestion, which we’d love to incorporate.

Please complete the "Host Opportunity Form" below and direct any questions or additional information to pcmashadow@generationmeet.com.

Thank you! We are excited to work with you!

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