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Thank you for contacting Dr Kaur. Dr Kaur has limited capacity for new clients at the moment and is only offering some sessions between 9am-2pm.  If you would like to discuss therapy times or consider being put on Dr Kaur's waiting list please complete the details below.  Dr Kaur also has associates who may be able to help you. If you are interested in this your preference can be stated on the form below. Please note Dr Kaur charges £115 per session. Dr Kaur will aim to respond to this query within 3 days.  
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Dr Kaur and her associates do not work with clients who are actively self harming or are likely to harm others. This is in order to provide a safe service. Please confirm whether you are self harming. If you are self harming please inform your GP. *
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Dr Kaur will aim to respond to you within 3 days.  
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